As I am currently sitting in lockdown in Cape TownΒ during the COVID 19 outbreakΒ and am not able to leave the house, I thought it’s an ideal chance to dream myself away to better days, those that happened and those that are yet to come.

So here is a little video collection of all Wake Up Stoked videos that happened up to today. I put also one of the oldest videos in there just for you to see the whole history and progress hehe.

Hope you enjoy! A huge thank you goes to my awesome, patient brother, who filmed all these amazing kite films (except for the first one)! If you’re in need for a videographer check him out

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Kitesurf Video Cape Town 2020

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Kitesurf Video Limnos 2019

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Kitesurf Video Ibiza Cruise 2019

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Kitesurf Video Cape Town 2019

Kitesurf Video Mauritius 2018

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Kitesurf Video Drepano, Greece 2018

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Kitesurf Video Egypt Kitesafari 2018

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Kitesurf Video Cape Town 2018

Kitesurf Video Dakhla 2017

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Kitesurf Video “What Wake Up Stoked is all about”

Kitesurf Video Prassonissi, Greece 2016

This was my first ever video that one of my dearest friends, Cora, edited for me. It was filmed in summer 2015 and released in 2016 when I launched the blog. This was the beginning of an exciting journey πŸ™‚ Never forget where you’ve come from and how far you can go. And believe me, you can go much further than you ever thought was possible, maybe ever dreamed of. Believe in yourself!