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Wake Up Stoked is being supported by North Kiteboarding

Supporter and Kite Sponsor: North Kiteboarding

I am beyond stoked to have the kite brand I have passionately been using for the past four years now as an official cooperation partner and kite sponsor for Wake Up Stoked from Dec 2017 on. Here goes a huge thank you to North Kiteboarding for supporting my vision with the gear I love! So let’s roll that Dice 😉

After trying out several kites I was lucky enough to pre-test the North Dice even before the new product range was first launched in Summer 2013 – and fell in love from the first second I tried it. I love the direct feel I have from the kite, the low bar pressure, the quick response/turning and the feeling of being one with my kite.

Above all it’s a kite and quality I trust, I always feel safe in any kind of condition, even when I’m riding alone. I love the combination of being able to use it in waves, for freestyle and freeride. It’s a kite that handles the strong South African/Brazilian winds and that I can handle well even when I’m overpowered in those Jeri winds.

Wake Up Stoked’s cooperation partner and kite sponsor: North Kiteboarding