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    sponsor of kitesurf blog wakeupstoked duotone

    Kitesurf Equipment Sponsor: Duotone

    I am beyond stoked to have the kite brand I have passionately been using for the past five years now as an official cooperation partner and kite sponsor for Wake Up Stoked. Here goes a huge thank you to Duotone for supporting my vision with the gear I love! So let’s roll that Dice 😉

    After trying out several kites I was lucky enough to pre-test the Dice even before the new product range was first launched in Summer 2013 – and fell in love from the first second I tried it. I love the direct feel I have from the kite, the low bar pressure, the quick response/turning and the feeling of being one with my kite.

    Above all it’s an equipment and quality I trust, I always feel safe in any kind of condition, even when I’m riding alone. I love the combination of being able to use it in waves, for freestyle and freeride. It’s a kite that handles strong winds and that I can handle well even when I’m overpowered in those strong gusty Jeri, Cape Town or Tarifa Levante winds.

    sponsor of kitesurf blog wakeupstoked duotoneAs anywhere in life my highest goal is stoke and this is the kind of equipment that will definitely deliver the most fun and stoke in every session and condition!

    Equipment I’m riding in 2021:

    sponsor of kitesurf blog wakeupstoked duotone

    Photos by: Miriam Joanna, Malena Harig, Action Edit

    Videogapher, Drone Photos/Videos and Post Production: Action Edit

    Supporting Wake Up Stoked with Videos and Edits

    The talent behind Wake Up Stoked’s videos is Action Edit. Thanks for the endless support, patience when filming and the never-ending stream of new content ideas and shoots! Action Edit is doing videos as well as drone shoots with clients world wide.

    Just to give you a glimpse, here are two of the many productions we did together:

    To get the full list of videos, check out this video playlist.

    Sports Medicine and Preventional Practice for Peak Performance

    Supporting Wake Up Stoked from Day 1: Privatpraxis fuer Praevention

    Whenever I go back home I get a full check of my blood status to optimize my health and performance for ultimate stoke. The private practice Privatpraxis für Prävention München makes sure I have all the nutrients, amino acids and vitamins I need to perform at my best, have creativity in my work life, enduring performance in my kitesurfing and to be simply happy from the inside out.

    Besides that I occasionally get amino acid infusions when needed to detox after long flights or get an extra boost when worklife gets stressful. As well as a special training method called IHHT for my Mitochondria which is used for cosmonauts and professional athletes to boost energy levels, recovery and prevent burn out.

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