There is new kitesurf videos popping up every day. However only a few are so memorable they make it to this best kitesurf movies selection. These are my personal kiteboarding favorites I’ve watched endless times over the past years. So grab your popcorn (or coconut) and enjoy!  

1. Atandroy

Even though this movie was shot in 2012 it is still one of the best movies out there – I think there is no more memorable scene than Mitu riding his Surfboard or that mind-blowing Darkslide by Micka Fernandez. All shot in wild and windy Madagascar, where the F-one team met an extraordinary village with the Atandroy, the people of the thorns. (24:10 min)

2. Chapter One

Well, this is kind of the essence of kiteboarding, it describes the incredible variety and diversity in the sport, all connected by the feeling of freedom, adrenaline and meditation at the same time. Sit back, grab some popcorn and rent or buy the full movie (01 h 23 min) for an epic kite movie night. Just to give you a taste, this is trailer:

3. Hidden Lines

Three friends who decide to take a trip together: Youri Zoon, Nick Jacobsen and Kevin Langeree. This is the third part of their adventure and as always – you can imagine – when Nick is in a movie, there is tons of weird and funny stuff happening! Watch them have fun in the ultimate kite board playground in Panama: Nitro City, pulling some crazy stunts and epic poolside parties. (19:19 min) If you want to make it a full movie night, check out  Chapter 1  and Chapter 2.

4. The Gift

Another stunning movie by F-One. It’s about the gift of kiteboarding – the gift, that nature is giving us again and again: the ocean, wind and waves. No matter if you’re addicted to riding strapless or more of a freestyler, this movie will give you goosebumps. (09:38 min)

5. Upwind – Launch of a Sport (History of Kitesurfing)

This is a classic – telling kitesurf history in a movie. Even though the quality is pretty bed, the content and nostalgia factor makes it a good movie. A must see for all the kite surf addicts and stunning to see what an evolution this sport has made and how it was developed. (55:21 min)

What’s your favorite kiteboarding movie?

I’d love to know about it in the comments

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