Spring is coming. For most spots around the world this means that the kite season is starting soon – with thick neoprene suits, caps, gloves and shoes.
But not for all of us. There are those, that kept going no matter how cold the water got – or even set out to seek those extreme conditions! This article is about all of those hardcore kiters that produced those wonderful coldwater kite movies.
So here is to all those kitesurf addicts that burn so much for their passion they would basically do it in every condition. Always pushing their boundaries. Here is some more inspiration to keep you going or get you started to jump out of your comfort zone and into the cold:

1. Valhalla – Heading far up North

A quiet, poetic, pure film which captures so much of the essence of kitesurfing – being connected to this amazing nature we are able to live in. The Manera team is looking for thrills in the cold waters of Iceland – and ultimately found their own version of paradise.

2. North of the Comfort Zone

This video edit portraits Pro-Kitesurfer Anne Valvatne who shreds in the cold waters of Norway in an epic scenery. You’ve got all my respect!

3. The Arctic Challenge

This is probably as cold as it gets: watch this 3-week-expedition to Greenland with water temperatures around –0.7 Celsius. Even though the wind didn’t blow as constantly, they still managed to get some light wind sessions captured in those amazing surroundings.

4. Grinding Ice – Alaska Part 1

Kevin Langeree and Kai Lenny set out to chase some wind in Alaska, finding themselves some icebergs as their new playground.

5. License to chill

Two Dutch kiters, Stig Hoefnagel and Bram Fauth, are resisting the winter colds and going for epic flatwater sessions all by themselves. They definitely got the license to chill ?

One extra movie from the Surfing world: Arctic Swell: Surfing the Ends of the Earth

3 professional surfers and 1 photographer capture the raw beauty and harsh conditions they found surfing in the Arctic.

The Photographer, Chris Burkard, even held a TED talk about the joy of surfing in cold water – in case you need any more convincing facts to go for your first  or next coldwater session.

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