Still looking for a present for your kitesurf-addicted friends or partners? Here are tons of ideas on what to buy for every type of kiter – the landlocked, the travel-hungry, the adventurous, the eco-minded, the stylish, the techy or the sun-seeking kiters.

Some of the presents require a higher budget but how about you just put yourself together with some friends or family members and all join to pay for a really outstanding present?

Discount codes for surf and kitesurf brands

[This article may cointain Affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase some of these resources, I earn a small commission at no additional cost for you. I only recommend selected products that I’m convinced about and that I would buy (or already did buy) myself. This is helping me to keep investing as much time and passion as I do for this blog

Presents for landlocked kitesurfers and surfers

Gifts for landlocked Kitesurfers and Surfers

best presents for kitesurfers and surfers1. Balance Board

The best way to train your balance and keep a little bit of ocean feeling back home. Whenever I’m really frustrated or need a break from working this would light me up immediately and train my balance skills and muscles at the same time.

2. Kitesurf Map of the world by Awesome Maps

How about an illustrated map of the world with all the kite surf spots inside? This map shows over 500 kitesurfing spots plus information on style, level, wind direction, water temperature and peak season. Everything you need to brainstorm for your next kite surf trip. Worldwide free shipping. You get 10% off on all maps when using code “WAKEUPSTOKED” at checkout. 

code for awesome maps – kitesurf map, surf map, travel map

3. Art Prints by Pia Opfermann

Saltwater-inspired Illustrations to make your home a bit surfier.

presents for kitesurfers and surfer Illustration and Art prints by Pia Opfermann

4. Kitesurf Shirts and Apparel

If you can’t be at the ocean, wear some salty vibes.

Kitesurf inspired apparel for men and women

5. Kitesurf Accessories for your Home

Even if your miles and miles away from the ocean, you can fire up that kitesurf feeling back home! How about a Kite Eat Sleep Repeat pillow to remind you of the good times or a watch that reminds you to always stay salty? Worldwide Shipping.

Gifts kitesurfers will love to surf up their home

6. Voucher for an artificial/standing Wave or Wakesurfing behind a boat

  • Depending on where you are there might be Artificial or Standing Waves – at some waves you can even surf with a proper surfboard, for example this company is spread all over the world, I went surfing in Munich multiple times on their wave and absolutely loved it. If you do it the first time they usually offer a beginner package and you get an introduction and a little course as well, as it is quite different from surfing in the ocean.
  • Another possibility is to do Wakesurfing behind a boat. Usually those are special boats for Wakesurfing that create a wave behind them and you pull yourself up with a rope and then surf inside of the wave that the boat creates. I can just speak for myself but I loved both of those activities and it made the landlocked surfer life a bit more fun.

presents for kitesurfers who love to progress

Gifts for the Kitesurfers who love to progress & send it

A gift progressive kitesurfers will love - the tricktionary1. Tricktionary

This is the cool version of a kitesurfing manual, providing you with tons of inspiration on tricks in three categories: Superbasics for advanced kiteboarders of all levels and styles, Airstyle (old school, hooked in tricks) and Newschool (wake style, unhooked moves).

2. Woo Sensor to measure your jump height

Perfect for those kitesurfers that want to see numbers, how high they jumped, improve from session to session and compare themselves to who else was on the water. Measure your jump height and landing impact, get fun updates after your session on how high you jump (compared to real-life objects e.g. the Chinese Wall), measure yourself with other kitesurfers on the spot and enjoy the community of the Woo device with its App.

3. Impact Vest

Depending on how quick they progress an impact vest is always a good idea. It gives you extra flotation in the beginning, feels more save and adds an extra layer of warmth. If the person you want to gift it to is already quite progressed and wants to start jumping higher or even get into Big Air or Oldschool tricks this is a really good addition as well [you can also check this video on more reasons why an Impact Vest is a good idea.

If you want to gift an impact vest make sure it is not a huge bulky loose one (like they often have in kitesurf schools) and that it is meant for kitesurfing so it needs to have no padding where the harness sits but have proper padding at the ribs etc. Mystic, Ion, Ride Engine [in the video linked above Mike recommends for example the Ride Engine Empax so opt for one that has similar coverage if you pick another brand] are just some of the big brands that have kitesurf-specific impact vests.

If you are uncertain which vest to get as a present, simply get them a voucher from a kitesurf shop so that they can choose it for themselves.

presents to the travel hungry kitesurfers and surfers

Gifts for travel-hungry, wanderlust-driven Kitesurfers & Surfers

The World Kitesurf Guide as a gift1. The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide

This is what I call the bible of kitesurf travels! Introducing almost 100 regions in nine continental chapters, it features over 1,250 of the world’s best spots. The world is a playground and this is the place where you can see all your bucket list destinations in a great overview and detail. You can get either The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide, or The Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe.

2. Alternative for the German-speaking readers: einfachkiten kitesurf guides for Europe

gifts for kitesurfers: German kite spot guideI’ve met the passionate couple, Sabrina and Hannes, behind the einfachkiten guides and absolutely love how they work, research and what they do. 

They are perfect if you are travelling with your van or RV through Europe (as are they, but of course they are suited as well if you travel differently) and are suited for kiters, foilers and wingfoilers. 

Currently the following kite guides are available in German, both as a physical book and ebook: Kitesurf in PortugalKitesurf in GreeceKitesurf on Sardinia, ItalyKitesurf on Sicily, ItalyKitesurf in Croatia

3. Light Weight Kite Bag

The 139cm long Duotone Combi Bag only weighs 3.6 kg – ideal to get a lot of kite luggage in.

4. Dry Sack Osprey

No island can be remote enough, no lagoon too hard to reach. You’ll fight yourself through anything to get to the secret spots. The Dry Sack will keep your valuables dry and functional. It’s also simply practical to put your wet bikinis or lycras in and not soak your whole hand luggage.

5. Compression bag for your clothes (if you have to save space in your luggage)

I have frankly only found out about these from an instagram reel and I am so grateful 😉 I used to always use packing cubes before that – but for saving a lot of space the compression bag is ideal! It looks a big like the bag of your sleeping bag. You stuff everything in and then close it down which can save you up to 40% of space. I used the L compression bag.

6. Packing Cubes (if you want to stay organized and keep packing & repacking)

When you change places a lot (e.g. when spot hopping along the Brazilian coast) or also when you pack all your stuff, also your clothes, into the kite bag, packing cubes are the perfect solution. You’ll pack and unpack within seconds and your clothes won’t get too sandy even if they’re in your kitebag 😉

7. Bite Away (after you’ve been bitten by a mosquito)

Most warm and tropical places have one downside – mosquitos. This little wonder machine can at least help with the annoying itchy feeling after you’ve been bitten. Basically you point it at the mosquito bite and press the button, which heats up the bite locally to 51 degrees Celsius and destroys the itchy feeling. It stings when you use it for those 3 seconds but then the itching is gone.

presents for the kite women and mermaids

Gifts for Kitegirls & Surfgirls & Mermaids

presents for kitesurfers and surfers, kite girls and surf girls

1. Shirts for Kite girls and Ocean lovers

Wear the stoke, all day, every day. No matter how cold it gets, you’re wearing the sunshine from the inside out! Choose your message of choice – like Aloha, Mermaid off duty, Stay SaltyStay stoked or many more. These ocean-themed designs will make you keep that surf feeling of freedom and happiness also in your everyday life.

2. Kite bikinis, Surfwear and Ponchos – Vivida

The fluffiest ponchos, beautiful eco-friendly kitesurf bikinis and surfwear as well as eco-friendly activewear (tried them all, love them all!, you can see me wearing them here and here for example). This brand is the all-rounder for kitesurf-addicted kite girls (and men) out there! Get 10% off when using the discount code “WAKEUPSTOKED10”.

3. Sensi Graves Bikinis

Bikinis that stick with your kiting AND look super stylish – out of all the Surfer Bikinis Sensi simply rocks with her designs and puts a lot of attention into the details which make the bikinis look rad! My personal favorite considering the cut is the Claire Top and Colleen Top. Get 10 USD off on your order using this link.

If you need more inspiration on kitesurf bikinis, make sure to check out this post on the best bikinis for girls who shred their faces off.

4. Zealous Surfwear and Streetwear

Beautiful sustainable surf bikinis, surfwear and streetwear by surf girl Marie made in Bali. Get 10% off with code WAKEUPSTOKED. Shop here.

5. At Aloha

Dutch Kitegirl Kelly designs the MOST BEAUTIFUL silver jewelry (and clothes). But seriously, the jewelry! I have so many favorites that I started listing them but it would get an endless list. So just check it out for yourself. Worldwide shipping.

Kitesurf Bikinis: the best surf bikinis

presents for the adventurous explorers and kitesurfers

Gifts for the adventurous Kitesurfers and Surfer who love exploring

Present ideas for adventurous kitesurfers

1. Chapter One Kiteboarding Movie

Probably the most inspiring kiteboarding movie that is out there at the moment – breathtaking spots, some of them less known, and a movie that will let you feel the ultimate feeling of freedom that kitesurfing provides. You can rent or buy the movie here on amazon.

2. UV water purifier, Pre-Filter and Nalgene bottle

Suited for your outdoor adventures all over the world and an easy way to always have potable water with you (or to be able to create it in seconds). This UV water purifier destroys more than 99.9 percent of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses without altering the case of the water. It purifies 1 liter of water in 60 seconds.

If you can see particles in the water you can use a pre-filter to first filter the particles out and then use the purifier. They easily fit on the wide Nalgene bottles (BPA free) – which come in handy anyway to take on your travels.

3. Light Weight Travel Mosquito Net

If you’re going Malaria areas or simply don’t like to get bitten by mosquitos or don’t want to be surprised by a cockroach in the middle of the night this is always a good option.

4. Ultra-light Silk Sleeping Bag

If you don’t have a big budget or go to very remote spots it’s always nice to have your own sleeping bag. It weighs only 290g and is always nice to have. You can either buy the single one or also the double version if you travel as a couple.

5. Solar-powered, water-resistant portable charger

The solar portable charger from InnooTech for the adventurers in sunny places to charge your phone and GoPro whenever there is no electricity or you’re on the road.

presents for the sun loving kitesurfers and surfers

Gifts for the sun-seeking Kitesurfers and Surfers

Present ideas for sunseeking kitesurfers

1. Sun protection – in style with Sun Bum SPF 70

Sun Bum definitely wins with the style factor and smelling – so for the design-loving kiters the perfect choice.

2. The once-a-day-solution – p20 sunscreen SPF 50

For those who just cannot get off the water and out of the sun, p20 which claims it’s an “apply-once-a-day” sun protection, is the way to go.

3. Zinc Sticks by Sunzapper

There is no sunscreen in the world that can protect supersensitive cheeks and nose tips – there is only one simple solution to that: Zinc Sticks! They really do stay on for all the sessions, make you look like a saltwater warrior. Sunzapper has them in all colors.

4. Eco friendly face sticks – EQ Evoa Organic Sun Stick SPF50

The organic version (without Zinc) is from EQ which is made out of pure and natural mineral pigments. EQ furthermore produces a whole range of sun protection which is certified as non-toxic to coral reefs and the marine environment.

5. Lip Sun protection

Burnt lips are no joke, luckily it never happened to me? I usually buy the cheapest sun lipstick I can find in the local drugstore in Germany (dm has a good one with SPF 50) so just choose any you can find in a drugstore with SPF 50 (below it doesn’t make too much sense) or you can buy it online here.

presents for the eco-conscious kitesurfers and surfers

Gifts for the eco-conscious Kitesurfers and Surfers

1. Mafiabags

Mafiabags is a label launched by two Argentinian siblings now living in San Francisco. They produce really stylish products made out of kite surf and windsurfs sails. My favorite is the “discover” backpack, which is ultra-light, water-resistant, durable and good for your city and ocean adventures since it also has an interior padded laptop sleeve. They also have all other kinds of accessories like wallets, duffle bags and tote bags.

2. Reef safe Eco sunscreens – EQ, Badger and Raw Elements

The background is that usually when your sunscreen washes off, the chemicals inside the sunscreen do too. Those substances have toxic effects on corals and increase coral bleaching. This is why you should choose reef-safe sunscreens.

EQ has colorful sunsticks and sunscreens or also ready-made packages either as travel kits or nicely boxed packages like “Let your light shine” or “Mermaids at heart” with great products. You can also go for the sunscreen of Badger or sunscreens of Raw Elements (they have sun sticks for the face as well) for example.

3. Butta Eco Surf Wax

For the strapless kiters, surfers, skaters and snowboarders there are also eco-friendly solutions regarding wax. Again, like in the sunscreen, the nutrients are being harmless to the ecosystem and wildlife. Butta is a cool UK brand  – their office is 90% solar-powered and is situated on a peacock farm. Their snowboard and surf waxes are handmade by them in the UK. You can see their whole range of products here or simply grab your surf wax right here.

4. Sustainable toiletries and travel/wellness packages by Hydrophil

Hydrophil has beautiful, minimalistic and sustainable toiletries, anything from soaps, toothbrushes, toothpastes etc. How about a Handmade Wash Bag filled with sustainable goodies or the Wellness Gift Box for Christmas?

5. Stainless Steel Bottle/Cup

While I always recommended the Bamboo Cups before as they were super light (turns out you should stay away from them, read here why) I now use thermo cups and bottles instead – they are heavier unfortunately but are made from stainless steel, keep your tea warm longer and are much more long-lasting. I have two from klean kanteen – if you prefer more of a mug, go for the Tumbler, if you prefer a more classic thermo go for this one (you can turn the cap and drink, super easy – I drink  lot of tea so I have the biggest one with 592 ml but got my boyfriend the smaller one with 473 ml). They also have beautiful water bottles!

6. Zealous Surfwear and Surf Bikinis

Beautiful sustainable surf bikinis and surfwear with bold patterns and beautiful prints. Get 10% off with code WAKEUPSTOKED. Shop here.

7. Eco-friendly bikinis and surfwear from Vivida

In 2023Vivida launched a whole new series of reversible, eco-friendly bikinis and surfwear made from recycled plastic bottles. I tried and tested them myself and loved to wear them! Get 10% off with code WAKEUPSTOKED10.

8. Stainless Steel Straws

If I consider that I drank 3 coconuts a day for 3 weeks (and then adding all the fresh juices) in total this winter season in Brazil, it felt really good having those straws with me and not having to use one-way-plastic. Probably everyone that goes to Brazil to kite or other tropical countries with yummy cold coconuts waiting for you after your session will have the same problem.

presents for kitesurfers and surfers

Gifts for the Kitesurfers and Surfers who want to capture their sessions

Gifts for techy kitesurfers who love to capture good shots

1. GoPro Hero 7 Black

The GoPro Hero 7 black has an insanely smooth stabilization (finally!) which makes it possible to take amazing footage while your kiting – gone are the days when you were super excited to watch your footage and it was all just super bumpy! (See a comparison video from the old and new GoPro here)!

2. Ugo Line MountCamrig GoPro line mount

My favorite perspective to shoot with the GoPro since you got the full overview and can capture your stunning surroundings. Ugo Kite Line Mounts are available in 7 colors and work with various action cams (shipping in Europe only) and can be used as a kite line mount or strut mount.

The Camrig line mount is also an alternative.

3. Go pro 3-in-1 Stick

Selfie Stick (as a camera grip or foldable extension arm) and Tripod in one – the allrounder.

4. Lifeproof FRE

Make your phone dirt-, snow- and waterproof with those nice-looking cases. Lifeproof also has all the fitting mounts like e.g. bar mounts or suction cups to capture your best moments on the water.

5. Portable Charger – Anker Powercore

Your GoPro is empty after filming the first session and you’re taking your break in a fisherman’s hut without electricity? Or you stay in an Eco Kite Camp which only has electricity a few hours a day? Here is a literally little and light device that will save you – this portable charger can quick-charge your phone up to 4 times faster and will charge your phone at least 3 times (tablets 1 time) fully. .

6. Skross World Adapter

One adapter for the whole wide world – so easy!

7. Get the kite pics from your last session – 64GB flash drive

Someone just took awesome shots of your last session and you would like to have them? But nobody owns a flash drive and the internet is super slow? Just bring your own tiny but mighty flash drive and you won’t have those problems anymore.

presents for kitesurfers and surfers

Gifts for the life-loving, chilled out Kitesurfers and Surfers

1. Water-resistant speaker

What is life without the right music to get you pumped for your next session, enjoy the post-kite-stoke or let your day end on the beach with coconuts and good vibes and music? This small speaker really fits in every luggage.

2. Ultralight Travel Hammock by La Siesta

A must for the to chill before and after your sessions. Made out of super light parachute silk, I love the material (and colour 😉 ) and it can be packed really small.

3. Travel Espresso Machine E-PRESSO+

But first, coffee. Your day only started once you had a proper Espresso. You’ll get it now, no matter where you are. The coolest thing is that this is now electric (I used to have the previous version which was hand-powered) AND it heats up the water by itself. You can use it both with capsules or ground coffee.