When I started kitesurfing I said goodbye to the thought of wearing a bikini while doing it. It took me quite some trial and error to find out there are actually so many beautiful bikinis you can kitesurf in – no matter if you like big coverage or sexy cuts, color explosions or classy onepieces. This article features the best brands for kitesurf bikinis that will stay on during your whole kite session!

[Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase some of these resources, I earn a small commission at no additional cost for you. I only recommend selected products that I’m convinced about and that I would buy (or already did buy) myself.

01) Sensi Graves

(tried & tested the Colleen and Claire tops myself)
  • seriously stylish bikinis with fancy cuts that really stay on
  • made in the USA, incorporate recycled fabrics, 1% donated to environmental causes
  • bikinis, onepieces, surf leggings

Pro Kiteboarder Sensi Graves developed a stunning range of beautiful and sexy kite surf bikinis with lots of details. I didn’t believe they would stay on with those designs since it looked to good to be true but they did, survived every crash and are my favorite go-to surf bikini I like to use.

My favorite cuts for the tops are the Colleen Top and the Claire Top.

I bought two Sensi bikinis 2 years ago and used them A LOT! For my kite sessions or simply as bras during my holidays and travels. I’ve never had such an endurable bikini before that still looks good after such a long time of heavy use!

> Shop Sensi Graves bikinis (Get 20$ USD off when using this link if you’re outside from the US)

Kite and Surf bikinis by Sensi Graves
Discount for Sensi Bikinis

02) Vivida Lifestyle

(tried & tested the bikini top, surfsuit, poncho, yoga bra myself)
  • beautiful, supportive bikinis 
  • premium quality active wear
  • surf suits, poncho towels, apparel & more

When I first met David, the founder of Vivida, he had just started to produce Ponchos. It is beautiful to see a brand grow and thrive as fast as Vivida did with exceptional products and quality.

So now they have a small and ever-growing collection of bikinis and surf suits as well alongside their big collection of lifestyle wear (the yoga bras are super comfy).

> Shop Vivida Lifestyle (15% off with promo code WAKEUPSTOKED)

kitesurf-bikini-vividaSurf Bikini and Surfwear Discount for Vivida Lifestyle03) Josea Surfwear

(tried & tested the tops myself)
  • surf bikinis that fit like sport bras (and can be used as such)
  • out of recycled materials, made in Germany
  • bikinis, leggings, surf suits, ponchos

German Kitesurfer Jocelyn was tired of losing her bikini during her sessions so she founded Josea, a brand of surf bikinis that fit like sport bras and are made out of recycled materials. I love using the tops – although they don’t look like classical bikinis so if you’re looking for something to sunbathe in they’re not for you ?

They also work for bigger busted girls and I love to use it as a normal sports bra as well for running, yoga etc. I’ve used the bikinis for a year quite a lot for running, hot yoga and obviously kitesurfing and they still work perfectly and never leave me even during the toughest sessions!

Each bikini is made once you ordered and sewn in the headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

> Shop Josea Surfwear

Kitesurf bikinis by Josea Surfwear

04) Zealous

  • beautiful reversible surf bikinis
  • fair production in Bali
  • surf bikinis, surfsuits, rashguards, surf-inspired streetwear and accessoires

German surf girl Marie founded the beautful brand named Zealous, which means to be filled with or to be inspired by intense enthusiasm, being passionate.

I love that her bikinis are reversible (so you usually can switch from a pattern to a one-colored side) and since some tops have more coverage they are perfect for bigger busted surf girls.

Make sure to check her Surf Bikini Guide on the site to get an overview on which bikini is suited best for your needs and your cup size. And probably there is no need to tell you but you should definitely also check out her beautiful Apparel (I’m especially in love with the beach wraps and tops).

> Shop Zealous

Beautiful kitesurf and surf bikinis that you won't lose in the wipeout by Zealous

05) Oy Surf Apparel

  • classy, high quality bikinis tailored by hand
  • mix & match the collection
  • bikinis, swimsuits, leggings and rashguards

Oy Surf Apparel was founded by two business women from different parts of the world – Regula from Bali and Zelia from Switzerland – who met on the waves of the Indian Ocean and turned their passion for surfing into this brand.

I love the variety of cuts and the mix of beautiful patterns with classy one-colored pieces. The tops “Santi” and “Lou” also fit bigger busted girls perfectly.

> Shop Oy Surf Apparel

Oy Surf Apparel

06) Akela Surfwear

  • collections are made in cooperations with various artists
  • every collection is a limited edition made in Canada
  • bikinis, surfsuits, leggings and activewear

What a rad label I just discovered while doing this research! Created by the Canadian-Venezuelan duo Annie and Servio. Akela is Hawaiian for “happy” and as they are both happiest designing and surfing it perfectly fits the brand name.

> Shop Akela Surfwear (15% off with code “wakeupstoked”)

kitesurf bikini akela surfwear surf bikinidiscount code for Akela Surfwear bikinis and surfwear

07) Drika Margerita

  • color explosions and bright patterns made in Venezuela & Brazil
  • bikinis (Mix & Match), onepieces

Drika, the nickname of founder Adriana in Brazil, is a bikini that was created with a mixture of Brazilian and Venezuelan culture – which you can see in the sometimes sexy cuts that are typical in those countries. She wanted an explosive color explosion which made her feel coquette while kitesurfing. And hell yeah, those bikinis really do make you stick out with their bright colors!

Her shop is in Spanish but she offers worldwide shipping.

> Shop Drika Margerita

Kitesurf bikinis and surfwear by Drika


  • sporty and elegant at the same time, reversible designs
  • sustainable brand, designed and made in Europe
  • bikinis and onepieces

If you like it a bit decent and elegant you’ll absolutely love the simple designs of MYMARINI! Focusing just on the essentials this eco-friendly swimwear by founder Mareen from Germany adds a lot of class to the world of swimwear and has some kitesurf-compatible pieces. Design and minimalism at its purest.



09) The Seea

  • bold pattern and color combinations, elegant style
  • made in the US
  • bikinis, onepieces, surfsuits, rashguards

Classy bikinis and surfsuits focused on bold patterns and color contrasts while having out of the ordinary cuts and shapes. Founded by Brazilian Amanda who moved to California and was looking for swimwear that would look stylish in the line-up. She designed it for herself and got so much positive feedback she founded Seea.

> Shop The Seea
Kitesurf bikinis and surfwear by The Seea

Photo Credit: Lucrecia O’Keefe

10) Dkoko

  • Mix & Match bikinis
  • Founded and made in Costa Rica/Nicaragua by surf girl Michelle
  • Bikinis, rash guards, surf leggings, activewear

Comfortabe bikinis that stay in place doing the activities you like while looking super stylish. The founder Michelle found her passion for surfing, which changed her life, only she couldn’t find swimwear that would stay on and combined functionality and femininity. So she used her design skills wisely and created a beautfiul range of surfwear.

Wear those pieces for surfing, kiteboarding, hiking, doing yoga or even going out at night.

> Shop Dkoko

Kitesurf bikinis and surfwear from Costa Rica by Dkoko

12) More Kitesurf and Surf Brands with Bikinis and Waterwear:

  • SaltBeat: high quality, luxury Surfwear and Wetsuits with unique cuts and patterns.
  • Salt Gypsy: higher priced but super stylish Surfwear, Rashguards and Surf Leggings made out of recycled materials.
  • Pura Clothing: ethically and sustainibly made surfwear and activewear. Hand made in Italy, based in Switzerland.
  • Kokoh & koi: ethically made bikinis
  • Hi oceanloving girls: Surf-proof Swimwear and Rashguards, Clothes and Accesories.
  • Inaska: Simple but beautiful (loving the back details!) Surf/Sports Bikinis made in Europe that really stay on, made out of recycled materials.
  • Bikini Empire: sexy Bikinis and One pieces made out of sustainable materials, ethically produced in Vancouver – by the twin sisters Monica and Kelsey Rush.
  • IMSY Swimwear: sexy, fashionable and reversible Bikinis, Surfsuits and Accesories.
  • GlideSoul: Swimwear, Onesies, Spring Suits, Wetsuits
  • Platinum Sun: Watersports Wear like Rashguards, Surf Leggings and more.
  • Curms: reversible bikinis, stays on, fair and recycled
  • Monique Rotteveel: Active Wear, Surf & Yoga Clothes
  • Mi Ola: more sexy bikinis (some of them surf-proof as well), rashguards and one-pieces.

> What’s your favorite bikini for kitesurfing?

That was a small selection of surf bikinis I found and loved. Did you try another brand that’s not on this list and you loved for kitesurfing? I’d love to know about it in the comments!

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