Whether you’re not kitesurfing yourself or simply don’t have a clue what to get your kitesurf friend/partner, here is 10 gifts that kitesurfers will love!

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Discount codes for surf and kitesurf brands

1. Kitesurf World Map with over 500 kite spots

Kitesurf Map with over 500 kite spots by Awesome MapsWhat do you do the moment you come home from a kite trip? Dream about the next one! This Kitesurf Map features over 500 kite spots (including snowkiting kite spots) and has additional info for every spot for the level of the rider (beginner/intermediate/advanced), riding preferences (flatwater, chop, waves), wind direction, wind speed (e.g. light, moderate, strong) and water temperature! Start dreaming and planning with these seriously awesome maps. Free Worldwide Shipping. 

Get 10% off on all maps when using code “WAKEUPSTOKED” at checkout. > Get the map here

Btw they have tons of different maps for all kinds of activities e.g. Surf Map, Scuba Diving Map, Climbing Map, Mountain Bike Trail Map or also “regular” Travel Maps and Minimalist maps – the 10% magic code “WAKEUPSTOKED” applies for those as well!

Kitesurf World Map: where to kitesurf when, where to kitesurf, discount code

2. Kite World Guide

The World Kitesurf Guide as a gift
This was probably one of the first purchases I made when becoming a kitesurfer 😉 Introducing almost 100 regions in nine continental chapters, it features over 1,250 of the world’s best spots. The world is a playground and this is the place where you can see all your bucket list destinations in a great overview and detail.
You can either get the one for the whole world (which is what I got first as well) The > World Kite and Windsurfing Guide or if you know the person you are gifting this to prefers to trave in Europe get them > The Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe.

Alternative for the German-speaking readers: einfachkiten kitesurf guides

gifts for kitesurfers: German kite spot guide

I’ve met the passionate couple, Sabrina and Hannes, behind the einfachkiten guides and absolutely love how they work, research and what they do. Their guides are currently only available in German – yet – but will be available in English hopefully soon.

They are perfect if you are travelling with your van or RV through Europe (as are they, but of course they are suited as well if you travel differently) and are suited for kiters, foilers and wingfoilers. Some destinations might be more suitable for foilers and lightwind lovers but I love how they explore new spots and how diligently they research for their guides.

Currently the following kite guides are available in German, both as a physical book and ebook:

3. Tricktionary – learn new jumps and tricks

A gift progressive kitesurfers will love - the tricktionary

If you’re looking for a gift for a kitesurfer that is progressing to his first jumps, this is the ultimate inspiration! The Tricktionary is kind of a kitesurfing manual, providing you with tons of inspiration on tricks in three categories: Superbasics for advanced kiteboarders of all levels and styles, Airstyle (old school, hooked in tricks) and Newschool (wake style, unhooked moves).

4. Vivida Poncho

The best gift for kitesurfers after their session – a Vivida PonchoEvery kitesurfer needs a poncho – there is no better feeling than cuddling into your fluffy poncho, especially if it’s such a beautifully designed one like the Vivida ones! Plus it’s way easier to change after your session – or to simply hang out a bit longer on the beach before changing. Free worldwide shipping.

But there is so much more behind the brand Vivida – which is why I love it so much: “For the adventurers the dreamers the thinkers and the doers. Vivida is a community. A philosophy. A Lifestyle. Making the most of our precious lives.

Make sure to check out their kitesurf bikinis – you can find the full catalogue here.

Get 10% off when using the discount code “WAKEUPSTOKED10”.
> Visit Vivida Shop here

5. Capture the magic of your sessions

Super smooth videos with the new stabilization – finally!

I was always a big fan of using the GoPro to take pictures – however the result of the videos was always disappointing since it was super shaky when kiting. Finally with the GoPro Hero 7 black there is a very smooth video stabilization in the camera – which makes the big difference (see a comparison video here)!

The footage is so much better and even though I had a pretty new GoPro 5 I had to sell it and get the GoPro 7, the difference is really striking, especially if you use it while kitesurfing! > Get the GoPro Hero 7 black here

The best ways/angles to film your kite session with GoPro Mounts

I’ve tried a lot of GoPro Mounts (bought a lot of them and then realized after the first time filming they just didn’t work with kitesurfing or the angle was weird or just didn’t look good) and my personal favorites are:

Kite Line Mount for this kind of perspective, e.g. the > U.Go Line Mount
Mouth mount my latest addition to the mounts and I love it 😉  > Get the GoPro Mouth Mount here
3-way-Grip Selfie Stick (as a camera grip or foldable extension arm) and Tripod in one – the allrounder. > Get the 3-way-grip here

The best GoPro mounts to capture your kitesurf sessions

6. Fly high and measure your jumps

WOO is the main gadget out there to measure your jump height.What I like more about the Woo is the big community and the “game factor” (e.g. it shows you that when you jump over 8 Meter a badge that you could have just jumped the great wall of china). You can also earn badges (e.g. 7 jumps in one sessions over 7 meters).

> Get the WOO here

7. Surf Up your home

Bring the kitesurf spirit into your friends’/partners’ home, no matter how far away you are from the ocean and wind. Whether it’s a pillow, cup or the notebook where he/she write down your dreams and visions – the kitesurf spirit is always with them. Available collections to shop: sea you soon, kite-eat-sleep-repeat, stay salty, find your wild
Gifts kitesurfers will love to surf up their home

8. Surf Up your Style

For ocean girls, beach bums and landlocked hearts. These labels surf up your friends’ style and smile big time – plus you’ll support all brands founded by kitesurf or surf-addicted owners!

Aloha bling

Saltwater-inspired silver jewelry by Dutch kitegirl Kelly from the brand At Aloha> Shop here.

Aloha wear

Surf Girl Marie from Zealous designs beautiful surf-inspired Apparel and Bikinis on Bali. > Shop here. (Get 10% off with promo code WAKEUPSTOKED)


9. Kite up your style

I’ve personally been missing kitesurf inspired apparel which is why I simply started designing my own 😉 For more stoke, ocean vibes and freedom feels to whoever wears it – available for men and women. Shop here.Kitesurf inspired apparel for men and women

Kitesurf Shop: kitesurf shirts and acessoires

Kite Bikinis that actually stay on

Your friend will thank me later 😉 These kite bikinis will make your friend shred in style while keeping everything together. Here are just three bikini pics to spark your imagination 😉  Find the full article on kitesurf bikinis here.

Kitesurf Bikinis: the best surf bikinis

Surf Bikinis (from left to right)

  • Vivida: eco-friendly bikinis made from reused plastic bottles, some of them even reversible (10% off with code WAKEUPSTOKED10)
  • Sensi Bikinis: eco-friendly and made in the US (get 10 USD off on your order using this link)
  • Zealous: sustainable bikinis (get 10% off with code WAKEUPSTOKED)
The best gifts for surfers and kitesurfers: surf and kite bikinis

10. Balance Board

The best way to train your balance and keep a little bit of ocean feeling back home. Good for all the landlocked surfers, snowboarders and kitesurfers 🙂 > Get the balance board here


Otherwise training your balance with a slackline, doing balancing exercises on a cushion (or if you are brave and really advanced on one of those big pilates rubber balls) or doing surf yoga or yoga poses with a lot of balancing also helps to get you ready for the water.

Extra: for the kid in all of us

Not only for kitesurf kids a nice little present – playmobil kitesurferYeah this one just had to be there, for the inner child in all of us screaming “don’t grow up, it’s a trap!” 😉 Or if you have kids, get it for them and train them early to chase the stoke and waves

> Get the playmobil kitesurfer here

Looking for more gift ideas for kitesurfers?

– This is a very extensive guide with many present ideas for kitesurfers sorted for different needs – the eco-friendly one, the travel-hungry kiters, the kite girls, the sunseekers, the adventurours etc. Check it out here: > The Complete Kitesurf Present Gift Guide

– This is another top 10 gift guide for surfers and kitesurfers with super practical and beautiful present ideas. > Top 10 Surf and Kitesurf Presents