Here is a selection of carefully chosen businesses and brands I cooperate with or like to use, that have created special promo codes for the Wake Up Stoked readers. I only promote brands that I wear myself or believe in.

// 15% off Vivida Lifestyle //

Discount Code for Vivida Lifestyle by Wake Up StokedI’m wearing the apparel myself and love it. My favorites are the ponchos, the 2mm Linda surf suit and their yoga wear is just so incredibly smooth and in general all the products I’ve tried until know are super comfy and long lasting.

Vivida is offering Surfwear for Men and Women, Ponchos and Lifestyle Wear. Check out their full movie to get a glimpse on the philosophy and lifestyle behind the brand.

Get 15% off with promo code “WAKEUPSTOKED”. Shop Vivida here.

Discount Code for Vivida Lifestyle by Wake Up Stoked

// 15% off Saltbeat //

Discount Code fur the luxury surfwear label Saltbeat

Saltbeat is one of the very few brands on the market that combines fashion with functionality in such a beautiful way. They are creating luxurious pieces that can withstand the most radical of waterwomen and combine chic with “staying put” even in the wipe out and during kite crashes.

Get 15% off with promo code “WAKEUP15”. Shop Saltbeat here.

Luxury Surfwear by Saltbeat

// 10% off Alooppa Surfwear //

Colorful Surf Springsuits by Alooppa

It doesn’t get more colorful than this – if you want to stand out and love bright colors and bold contrasts, you’ll love these spring suits. Alooppa is a label founded by a couple who left the world of financeto have more windsurfing and kitesurfing in their lives and created the most colorful suits on the market.

You can customize your colors as well as brand your wetsuit additionally (check out the one I created here) or even get a custom size for an extra charge.

Get 10% off when using discount code “WAKEUPSTOKED”. Check out their site here.

Stylish surf suit designs by Alooppa


// 20$ off Sensi Graves Bikinis //Discount for Sensi Bikinis

It was the first Kite Bikinis I found and bought and I absolutely loved their nice cuts, sexy designs and that they still stay on during every session and crash I make.

Get 20$USD off your order when using this link.

Discount Code for Sensi Surf Bikinis

//50€ voucher for Flying Gecko Kiteboarding //

I’ve had a very inspiring interview with John from Flying Gecko Kiteboarding. They are offering kite camps and kite safaris off the beaten path in Egypt, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Brazil etc.

Get a 50 Euro Voucher (for any booking over 500 Euro) when using discount code “WUS”. Check out their adventures here.Discount Code for kitesurf travels and camps by Flying Gecko Kiteboarding

// 25€ Voucher for airbnb //Voucher for your first airbnb stay

I use airbnb on most of my travels as I love to stay in apartments when I travel and work.

Get a 25€ voucher for your first airbnb stay when using this link.

> Do you need more inspiration on kitesurf bikinis?

Here is a full blogposts on the best surf bikinis to shred in.