From the moment I started kitesurfing I saw those kite images from Mauritius, with the famous One Eye wave. Only a couple of years later I realized that this spot has a huge variety for all kite levels and conditions (from flatwater to waves). The nature is breathtaking, people are super friendly and a colorful mix or Mauritians, Indians, Chinese with a mix from Creole, Indian, French and English culture. Usually everyone speaks English and French so it’s very easy to communicate as a tourist. Which all makes it a must-go bucket list kite spot.

Pros & Cons for kitesurfing in Mauritius

+ world-class wave and flat water spot close to each other
+ stunning nature and beautiful water
+ very laid back, calm vibe
+ very safe island
+ ideal spot for kitesurfers and surfers alike

pretty calm spot, more for couples and families or groups who travel together
car is needed (and recommended to see the island)


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General Infos for kitesurfing in Mauritius (Wind, Water Temperature and Water Condition)

Best Wind in Mauritius

June – September although April, May and September, October can be good as well but not as safe regarding the wind.

Water Temperature for kitesurfing in Mauritius

Long Wetsuit May – Sept, Shorty can be worn during the other months

Water Condition in Le Morne, Mauritius

Depending on where you kite you can have flatwater, choppy or different wave spots for different levels.

Good for learning kitesurfing or kitesurf beginners?

Le Morne lagoon is suited for beginners, the other spots only if you go with a kite school as a beginner. Mauritius is one of the spots it’s good to know how to do the self rescue (check this article on more safety tips)

How to get to Mauritius

International flights go to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (Airport Code MRU).

I scored a super cheap deal with Condor, direct flight from Munich for 200 Euros one way (although I then had to pay another 150 for luggage 😉 ) Thomas Cook also had good offers from London.

The airport is around 1hr 15 ins away from La Gaulette. I personally find it easier to take the 10 minute longer route (which is the one which is not as curvy) but the little curvy road is very picturesque and definitely worth it if you arrive in daylight and don’t mind the curves. I was completely blown away by the beautiful nature along the drive.

kitesurfing at the public beach in Le Morne, Mauritius

How to get around in Mauritius

I can highly recommend getting a rental car since it’s nice to see the island and be mobile. Most apartments are in La Gaulette which is a 15-minute drive from the spot, so unless you stay in the ION club Le Morne right at the lagoon or RIU Club Le Morne I would recommend a rental car or motorbike.

Rental Cars in Mauritius

I always book my rental car via Rental Cars or billiger mietwagen (German Site, you can cancel up to 24 hrs before). There are also a lot of local car rentals and Airbnb owners who rent cars. Prices vary quite a lot, you can find anything from around 350€/month (usually very small cars which are pretty used) up to 1000€/month for monthly deals.

Long term car rental in Mauritius

I used this rental for the 2 months and he was very reliable, the car was ok for the price and for just a 20 Euro fee they brought the car to the airport. There are a lot of small car rental companies like that – you contact them via WhatsApp (not email 😉 ) and reserve the car. I was a bit surprised in the beginning because he didn’t want any documents or details, seems to be the laid back vibe. A few weeks before the trip he got all the details (but not even credit card details) and it all worked out perfectly. I heard that if they want you to prepay something or give a deposit before the rental, you should be suspicious, it’s probably a scam. If anything feels off I wouldn’t go with the car rental, go with your gut feeling.

The kitesurf spots around Le Morne, Mauritius

Spot details for the main kite spots in Mauritius

During the main windy season you’ll probably usually go to Le Morne, nevertheless here is a selection of spots if you come during a time when the wind direction is changing.

Map of the Kitesurf Spots on Mauritius – Point d' Esny, Bel Ombre, Le Morne etc

Le Morne point (Southeast wind)

This was usually our go-to spot. If you’re into waves or are an independent advanced kitesurfer, riding safely, you will probably prefer this spot. Make sure to take care of those trees when launching and landing, kites get trapped in them daily 😉

Since it’s UNESCO world heritage there are no restaurants at the spot. There is a fruit stand with fresh fruits, coconuts and drinks and usually some food truck with paninis or noodles at the spot. For the non kitesurfing Begleitung there is not too much to do but go for a beach walk or sit on the downwind side of the beach where you can’t feel the wind.

Le Morne lagoon (Southeast wind)

The spot for beginners and flatwater lovers. Although honestly it can be pretty crowded with students and beginner kitesurfers who don’t really have a lot of control yet, so you have to pick a lucky day 😉 I usually escaped to the left side of he lagoon (when looking at it from the beach) and more upwind which has pretty sweet flatwater. It can get very shallow so make sure to check the tides if you want to practice new tricks.

Kitesurfing with north wind from the public beach in Le Morne, Maurtius

Le Morne public beach (North wind)

When the wind comes from the North (which usually happens rarely but it did the first few days when we were there during off season) you can kite on the public beach (the beach which is inbetween LUX and Dinarobin). The public beach is again a bit tricky with launching and landing but otherwise an easy spot.

There is a fruit stand as well as the nice (and affordable) beach restaurant Embafilao.

Île aux Bénitiers (North wind)

Again a very nice small island which works with North wind. You can take the boat from La Gaulette (either go with a kite school or go there and bargain with one of the boat owners there, there are quite a lot crossing). It is super nice flat water over there. Bring something to eat and drink if you’re staying the whole day, there is nothing there.

Bel Ombre (East wind)

If the wind is too east then the kite point usually doesn’t work, you can see the wind far out and it doesn‘t reach the point. Then it’s an idea to make the drive to Bel Ombre (around 15-20 minutes if you’re at the kite point in Le Morne). It can be a bit gusty.  There is a beach club as well.

Point d’ Esny (Southeast wind)

Big lagoon, picturesque spot, ideal for beginners as well. There is a kite school called Specialised Kiteboarding.

Fore more detailed infos about Mauritius’ kite spots check this link.

Rodrigues Island

Mauritians say that this place is magical and feels as if it was Mauritius 20 years ago – from the vibe as well as the prices. The internet connection seems to be very bad at least at the moment (12/2018) so make sure you’re really just on holiday (nothing if you’re a digital nomad and need to work)


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A typical windy day

The wind usually picks up around 10/11 and then drops in the evening (or late afternoon during off-season) – although we had some really good morning sessions as well. If you’re coming in off-season make sure to come earlier rather than later since sometimes the wind was stronger around noon and then dropped already around 3.

How to read the wind forecast /Infos on real time wind

If the direction is right, it’s sunny and there is no heavy rain then it’s usually windy in Le Morne and Bel Ombre, even if just a few knots are forecasted. We’ve been there during the off season and learnt one thing: you can rarely trust the wind forecast 🙂 it’s one of the spots where you have to just drive to and check it for yourself.

Usually Windy gives a good prognosis or at least tendency of wind direction for this place.

If you’re working and don’t have the time to always drive to the spot you can check the Instagram of the kite schools, usually Le Morne kite school gave a daily update 🙂 then you know if you have to work faster and make it out to the water.

Don’t be fooled if it’s raining or not windy in La Gaulette – you usually don’t feel the wind until you’re driving around the corner on the point. It might also rain in La Gaulette and be sunny at the spot (you can check this webcam which won’t show you kites but you can see if it’s sunny or not close to the spot)

Kite schools in Le Morne

There are a lot of kite schools and rentals in Le Morne/La Gaulette.

The atmosphere at the spot

I was the during off season and it was a very chilled, laid back vibe. Although it’s not the easiest spot as a solo traveler (lots of couples and groups, less solo travelers)  you do get in contact with people but it’s probably not the easiest spot to meet new people (compared to Cabarete or Tarifa).

The kitesurf spot Le Morne point in Mauritius

Where to stay in Le Morne/La Gaulette, Mauritius

Most apartments are based in La Gaulette, you can find some deals on Airbnb and booking. La Gaulette has the most infrastructure (meaning Supermarket, kite shops and a few restaurants) from the spots since the Le Morne area is ruled by big resorts – LUX is one of the really nice 5star resorts or Dinarobin if you want to golf as well..

If you want to stay right at the Le Morne lagoon without driving or walking, your only option is the ION club or RIU Le Morne.

If you have a bigger budget and want to have a more special occasion I can highly recommend Kozy Le Morne. It’s also half way from La Gaulette to the kite spot so pinky half the drive and the owners take care of so many details.

Where to eat in La Gaulette/Le Morne, Mauritius

  • Embafilao: at the public beach and the most affordable restaurant at the beach in the area. They have breakfast and yummy lunch, you sit right at the beach. They close at 3.30 pm so make sure you order your food before 3. At the moment (12/2018) they only opened on Friday evenings and you have to make a reservation, it’s super nice and highly recommended if you’re there!
  • Enso: In the “shopping mall” in La Gaulette, close to the supermarket. Very nice food, good burgers and fish.
  • Wapalapam at the roundabout half way from la Gaulette to the kitespot. Very yummy food and it’s the same owner as Enso.

Where to eat in Tamarin, Mauritius


Supermarkets in La Gaulette

The La Gaulette supermarket has pretty much everything although it is a bit expensive. If you find food trucks selling veggies and fruits it’s usually the cheapest option. The food stands on the side of the road from La Gaulette and Le Morne have nice fresh fruit – at tourist prices though. There are a few small kiosks in La Gaulette as well who usually have longer opening times.

Supermarkets in Tamarin

If you’re staying longer term it makes sense to do the weekly shopping in London Way. Food Lovers market has longer opening times than all other supermarkets in the area. They always have special offers from Friday to Sunday. Try their gluten-free bread with the seeds 🙂


La Gaulette sports activties

Surf/SUP: In the mornings or on no wind days with nice swell it’s usually full of surfers. It’s quite a paddle to get out there (Around 20 min) but you can also share a boat out there and back. You can rent surfboards or SUPs at the ION club or in Tou Kourek or Sion in La Gaulette for example.

Heritage fitness: Honestly one of my favorite things in Mauritius! There are daily group classes or you can book a personal training. It’s like a small oasis, mainly locals going there. There is a different program and focus for the group classes every day but it’s mainly CrossFit inspired, often HIT classes and Tabata training as well as Zumba. When I was there the prices were 150MUR for a drop in or 100MUR per class if you prepay a package. Definitely check it out for some no wind workouts, the 6am morning workouts were my favorite!

Yoga: Sion has a yoga teacher so you can contact them for classes, they are 350MUR for a 60 minute class. If you want a more local experience you can make the 20minute drive to Black river, it’s the same girl teaching there and more locals. Prices are 200MUR for dropin or there is also a package price.

Explore the island

  • hike Le Morne mountain (the first part is suited for everyone, the second part involves some climbing and is only suited for fit persons, definitely not when it’s raining)
  • Go dolphin watching (we went with a local kitesurfer and were in Le Morne, most tours start from Tamarin. If you can book your own boat with only a few people, usually people on the commmercial rides and it’s just nicer if it’s less people. The dolphins are gone pretty quickly so you jump in with your snorkeling gear, look for them, get back on the boat and do this many times so the less people the faster you can get back to the board and drive further)
  • Chamarel, Curious corner
  • Rochester falls
  • 7 waterfalls
  • Port Louis
  • East coast and its beaches
  • Lychee wine tasting, rum tasting

Digital Nomad factor in La Gaulette, Mauritius

Mobile Internet

Definitely recommended, you can get a SIM in the La Gaulette supermarket.

Digital nomad life

There area few digital nomads but it’s not like a proper digital nomad scene. If you go there I’d recommend going with some friends since it’s not so easy to meet people, it’s a lot of couples, families and groups. I’d recommend coming during the main wind season since you don’t feel the wind when in La Gaulette. So basically you need to pack all gear any time you drive to the spot and during off season the wind can be a bit on and off or only there in the morning and then gone in the afternoon.

Also the wind drops in the late afternoon when the sun is setting (during off season also earlier sometimes) so structure your days in a way you make sure you get some wind. You can’t work at the spot either, so it’s just time to kite surf, unwind and soak up the vibe.

Coworking Cafes and Spaces

There is nothing really in La Gaulette and Le Morne, you can work e.g. in Wapalapam or Enso. I always used my mobile internet so I don’t know if there is WiFi and if it’s good.

Tamarin is more developed and has some cafes and a Coworking space. I personally wouldn’t really recommend living in Tamarin since the drive to the spot is round 35 minutes (unless your focus is really on work and you only kitesurf only every now and then).