// Aloha!

I’m so glad you made it here! Welcome to a place which is always windy, no matter if you are at a physical kitespot right now or this online kitespot right here on the blog. This is the place and platform where I share my biggest passion with you and provide you with infos, kite hacks, insights, inspiration and motivation all centered around kitesurfing, traveling and the whole kitesurf lifestyle around it..

// What Kitesurfing means to me

Kitesurfing is not a sport, it’s a feeling, a way of life. When I hit the water, I feel alive. I’m in my element, completely in the present, attentive. I feel like myself, like everything is how it’s supposed to be, everything is right and make sense. Kitesurfing gives me an adrenaline rush, makes me totally excited and at the same time has kind of a meditative aspect. Put shortly, Kitesurfing gives me the best feeling and the biggest smile ever. Want to know more about me? Click here

// Kitesurfing connects

What I really love about kitesurfing is the whole lifestyle and community around it. Since I started kiting in different places I met people from all over the world and the most beautiful thing to me is meeting them again at some kitespot at the other end of the world. Kitesurfing connects, it’s the easiest and fastest way to meet new like-minded people who share the same passion.

// What’s up with the name, “Wake Up Stoked”?

I was looking for a name that would not only describe my passion for kitesurfing but also the whole lifestyle that emerged around it. It made me pursue a completely different kite-work-balance, change my whole life in order to live a lifestyle with more freedom and travel that would still give me the possibitlity to work in my profession at the same time. Kitesurfing made me change my priorities: I now wrapped my whole work life around kitesurfing, not the other way round as I did before, and this is my quest for a way of life that makes me wanna jump out of bed excited every morning – shortly put: Wake Up Stoked

// This blog is here for you

In the end, everything I’m writing here is not only to share my passion but to inform, inspire and push you to a higher level. So if there’s any questions or topics you are interested in, just write me! Also, if you happen to be in the same spot as me, just drop me a line and let’s go for a session together!