This is a very personal selection by a kitesurf addicted girl who is chasing the wind since 2011 and threw her whole life around to kitesurf more. There are so many more places to experience but this is my personal (and probably ever-changing) list of my favorites.

Some kite spots just stick with you, they have something special about them. While there are spots that might have better kitesurf conditions, this is a list of favorites that combined kitesurfing and a certain lifestyle around it or just were a special experience.

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// Kitesurf Spot: Jericoacoara, Brazil

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil

This little sandy village which is situated in a National Park famous for its moving dunes has some seriously different vibes going on. You’ll find wind every day during the season, no need to even check the forecast and it’s one of the spots with the strongest wind along the Northern coast – I was riding my 7m from October until December and rarely had to get my 9m kite out.

Lots of downwind opportuntites, chilled out vibes, sunset Caipis and the remote location make this kite spot a gem.

Why you should go on a kitesurf holiday in Jericoacoara, Brazil

+ big variety of spots around Jericoacoara
+ lots of opportunities for downwinders
+ it’s windy every freakin’ day during the season, you don’t even check the forecast!
+ you can walk barefoot everywhere (Jeri is built on sand in the midst of a National Park)
+ vibrant nightlife and live music every night
+ tons of good restaurants or supermarkets for the ones who want to cook
+ lots of no-wind activities

General Infos on kitesurfing in Jericoacoara

Best Wind: August – December/January
Best suited for: independent kitesurfers, downwind lovers
>>> Check out the full Spot Guide Jericoacoara
>>> Check out the blogpost Roadtrip Northern Brazil: from Cumbuco to Atins if you are looking into an overview of the spots along the Northern coast of Brazil

Also check out Paula Novotna’s beautiful video which was filmed in Icaraizinho and Jericoacoara and sums up the feeling and lifestyle in Brazil so beautifully


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// Kitesurf Spot: Macapá, Brazil

Macapá is just a piece of flatwater heaven – at this lagoon it’s all about kite, eat, sleep repeat! If you want a bit more “life” (like a few restaurants and beach bars) you can also stay in Barra Grande and kite down to the Macapá lagoon – which is a few minutes kiting downwind but you need to be safe with your kitesurf skills to get back upwind.

Why you should go on a kitesurf holiday in Macapá, Brazil

+ butterflat flatwater lagoon
+ very spacious spot
 simple Brazilian lifestyle in Barra Grande (kite, eat, sleep, repeat)
+ wind every day during the season

General Infos for kitesurfing in Macapá

Best Wind: August – December
Best suited for: flatwater lovers and freestyle kiters, kitesurf beginners

// Kitesurf Spot: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Kitesurfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete is one of the spots that has the full lifestyle package and because of that is one of my all time favorite spots where I can stay for various months. A Watersports Mecca, where you can surf, kitesurf, SUP and windsurf – all within a radius of 4km. Palmtrees, long sandy beaches and the deep blue ocean.

Different sports activities, anything from yoga on the loft with a sea view to kickboxing, surf fitness and SUP Yoga. Loud Bachata and Reggaeton booming from the loudspeakers of every corner. Good food, ripe Avocados and Mangos that taste insane and the strongest Cuba Libres I’ve ever drunken in my life. The happiness of the Dominican people and how much they enjoy their lives even if they sometimes have so little.

Why you should go on a kitesurf holiday in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

+ Watersports-Mecca for kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing and SUP
+ great kitesurfing culture with talented pro-kiters
+ mainly boardshorts temperature
+ stunning Caribbean scenery with palm trees, long sandy beaches
+ wide range of sporty and touristy no-wind activities
+ nice nightlife and good restaurants/bars
+ relatively cheap for the Caribbean

General Infos for kitesurfing in Cabarete

Best Wind: June, July (August can be hit or miss) for stronger winds, December – April for lighter winds
Best suited for: independent kitesurfers, kitesurf beginners who don’t mind deep water and crowds (I learned kitesurfing here as well although I wouldn’t call it a perfect beginner spot)
>>> Check out the full Spot Guide Cabarete

// Kitesurf Trip: Kite Safari, Egypt

The Daily Boat Prince Ali from above

Doing a kitesafari in a paradise destination has been a goal on my kitesurf bucket list for quite some time. The Red Sea in Egypt offers colors that you’re usually only used to from Caribbean waters – and is much closer to Europe! If you’re up for an adventure with different spots every day or every few days, you’ll love the boat safari.


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Why you should go on a Kite Safari in Egypt

+ boat safari with an extra dose of adventure and being close to nature
+ different spots within a week which are usually uncrowded
+ turquoise colors of the water, crystal clear and usually flatwater
+ you can chase the wind more easily and choose your spots according to the forecast
+ no-wind activities like diving, snorkeling, SUP, yoga, massage (depending on the organizer of the boat)

General Infos Kite Safari Egypt

Best Wind: June – September but basically you always have a 50/50 chance in Egypt, you can be super lucky or super unlucky, the closer it is around the summer months the higher your chances of scoring wind. That being said I had 11 out of 14 windy days in April in 2018 and had a worse wind statistic when I was in El Gouna in June in 2017.
Best suited for: adventurous kitesurfers, beginners (ideal to learn at an empty spot with rescue boats) freestylers – basically anyone who loves to kite 😉
>>> Check out the full review of my experience of the Kite Safari

// Kitesurf Spot: Cape Town, South Africa

Kitesurf in Cape Town – spot guide for your kitesurf holiday in South Africa

Cape Town took me a bit to get warm with (put a spoilt kite girl who loves to kite in a bikini and likes flat water in a wavy cold spot haha) but it has its own unique vibe which I love!

Cape Town has so much to offer and even if I wouldn’t say the kitesurfing conditions aren’t the best for me personally (and I know I’ll hear a lot of kiters contradict since it’s one of the world’s most famous spots with its strong wind and waves) the whole lifestyle, people, vibe and possibilities of the city make it a perfect spot, especially if you’re with some non-kiting crowd or want to stay longer and still have all the comforts of the city.

Why you should go on a kitesurf holiday in Cape Town

+ strong wind (which is also the reason why the King of the Air is happening here)
+ you’ll see most of the Kitesurf Pros from all around the world shredding here during the season
+ big variety of spots in the area with perfect flat water or waves (up to a 4-hour drive depending on the spot)
+ nice downwind options
+ super friendly people, awesome food and wine
+ living costs in Cape Town are a bit cheaper than e.g. in Germany (especially with the food you get more for your value)
+ all the advantages of a city combined with a kite spot
+ stunning nature and beaches, so many no-wind activities and day trips to explore
+ the day has so many light hours if you come from German winter (in the summer from 6 am – 8.30 pm)

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General Infos for kitesurfing in Cape Town

Best Wind: November – End of February (which is summer in CT)
Best suited for: wave lovers, strong wind lovers and kiteloop addicted kiters, for freestylers Witsand Breede River (not Witsands 😉 )
>>> Check out the full Kitesurf Spot Guide Cape Town

// Kitesurf Spot: Le Morne, Mauritius

kitesurf mauritius – the spot guide for le morne

From the moment I started kitesurfing I saw those kite images from Mauritius, with the famous One Eye wave. Only a couple of years later I realized that this spot has a huge variety for all kite levels and conditions (from flat water to waves). The nature is breathtaking, people are super friendly and a colorful mix or Mauritians, Indians, Chinese with a mix from Creole, Indian, French and English culture. Usually, everyone speaks English and French so it’s very easy to communicate as a tourist. Which all makes it a must-go bucket list kite spot.

Why you should go on a kitesurf holiday in Mauritius

+ world-class wave and flat water spot close to each other
+ stunning nature and beautiful water
+ very laid back, calm vibe
+ very safe island
+ ideal spot for kitesurfers and surfers alike


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General Infos for kitesurfing in Mauritius

Best Wind: June – September (although May and October can also be good)
Best suited for: wave lovers on One Eye, kitesurf beginners and freestylers in the Lagoon, nature lovers in general
>>> Check out the full Kitesurf Spot Guide Mauritius

// Kitesurf Spot: Drepano, Greece

The kitesurf spot in Drepano, Greece, from above

I first saw Drepano in the beautiful Instagram pics of pro kiters – and saved the locations for later. It is definitely the spot with the most constant, stable, non-gusty wind and the most perfect flatwater I have experienced ever! Plus on the mainland around the Peleponnes it is the one which is most likely to have wind due to the venturi effect and since it works with almost every wind direction. 

Why you should go on a kitesurf holiday in Drepano, Greece

+ butterflat playground which is perfect for freestyling
+ clear water, nice scenery with the sand strip
+ stable wind, 300 days of wind a year (if you’re right at the spot and catch it)


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General Infos on kitesurfing in Drepano, Greece

Best Wind: late spring – summer (April, May, June, July) or early autumn (September, October)
Best suited for: kitesurf beginners, freestylers, flatwater lovers
>>> Check out the full Spot Guide Drepano

// Kitesurf Spot: El Gouna, Egypt

Kitesurfing in the flatwater of El Gouna

Egypt has many good spots but usually they are very remote or you can only stay in the hotel and kite. El Gouna is pretty different and I liked it as a solo traveler since it has a lot of lifestyle around it with the marina, restaurants and bar. As a kite teacher put it so nicely: „This is not Egypt, this is Disneyland!”

There are some extremely good kite centers in El Gouna which make kitesurfing pretty much as comfortable as it can get.

Why you should go on a kitesurf holiday in El Gouna, Egypt

+ spacious flatwater spot
+ good for solo-travelers
+ good for beginners, big standing area
+ nightlife, party, good restaurants
+ relaxed and open-minded atmosphere at the spot
+ short flight from Europe (4 hours)

General Infos on kitesurfing in El Gouna

Best Wind: June – September but you’ll find kitesurfers all year round since it often still has the best wind chance compared to other European spots during those months
Best suited for: kitesurf beginners, freestylers, flatwater lovers
>>> Check out the full Spot Guide El Gouna

// Kitesurf Spot: Dakhla, Morocco

kitesurf dakhla morocco from above

Kitesurfing in Dakhla, Morocco, a 45-kilometer lagoon which seems endless and is known to be the freestyle heaven, has been up on my personal kitesurf bucket list for quite some time. So finally it was time to visit that piece of flatwater heaven myself and see what all the buzz was about.

And as so often, that new spot exceeded my expectations: tons of space, flatwater, wind every day (we stayed there in July), kitesurfing all day every day (a classic eat, kite, sleep repeat) while being surrounded by the charm of the Western Sahara. 

Why you should go on a kitesurf holiday in Dakhla, Morocco

+ very high wind chance year-round
+ huge lagoon with lots of space
+ all-level spot ideal for beginners and advanced
+ flatwater for freestylers, wave spot Oum Lamboiur close by (30 min. ride from the lagoon)
+ downwind options
+ kitesurf luggage is currently for free if you fly with Royal Air Maroc

General Infos for kitesurfing in Dakhla, Morocco

Best Wind: April – September
Best Waves:  October – March
Best suited for: kitesurf beginners, freestylers, flatwater lovers
>>> Check out the full Spot Guide Dakhla

// Kitesurf Spot: Los Roques, Venezuela

A stunning view of Cayo de Agua from the airplane

Los Roques.. all I ever heard before I came here sounded magical. I couldn’t really believe it, I thought it couldn’t be true that this is such a kitesurfer’s paradise and it’s so little known and visited. But what I saw here and where I kited was beyond any imagination and it truly was the trip of a lifetime for me.

Imagine kiting in crystal clear, turquoise water, with perfect wind and you’re the only one on the water – with your kite buddies of course! This was everything I ever dreamed of and I wouldn’t have expected it to really be SO damn good.

>>> Check out the full Spot Guide on Los Roques

Me doing a Darkslide through crystal clear turquoise water

Note: I went there in March 2016 when safety was already a critical point from all official sources (although I personally had a wonderful time and did never get into a dangerous situation) and I can’t give any personal updates on how the situation is there now.

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