Do you have a kite surf bucket list? I think every kitesurfer has those dream spots he wants to go to one day. Since I didn’t only want my own opinion, I asked around in kitesurfer’s Facebook groups and picked out the most popular answers to the question: What’s your ultimate kite surf adventure? Which spot do you just have to kite at once in your lifetime?

Brace yourselves, this article will make you even more kitesurf- and travel-addicted!

kitesurf community facebook group

1) Aiutaki, Cook islands

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Aiutaki definitely was one of the experiences that was named the most! A flatwater paradise with trade winds gifting you to perfect sessions. But just watch the video for yourself and decide ?

Why should you go there? Crystal-clear flatwater paradise, uncrowded! Bam!
Best Wind? End-July – September are most reliable but you can kite from May onward

2) Los Roques, Venezuela

To me definitely the adventure of a lifetime: kitesurfing in Los Roques, Venezuela, as seen from above.
The best kitesurf trip: shredding on Saki Saki in Los Roques, Venezuela
One island a day keeps the worries away! This was my adventure of a lifetime and I just had to see it for myself after numerous kite friends told me it was one of their best experiences. And damn, they were right!

Why should you go there? Kite every day at a different island and yet perfect spot, almost alone in the water? It feels like 10 holidays in one from what you see every day and you’ll rub your eyes in awe, asking yourself if this can be really true!
Best Wind? February – April
Full spot guide on Los Roques here.

3) Do a downwinder along the Northern coast of Brazil


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There are endless opportunities, different spots with incredible conditions that couldn’t be more different from each other. Flatwater, waves and a whole lot of Coconuts, Acai Bowls and Caipirinhas in-between!

Whether you do a hardcore trip all the way from Cumbuco to Atins (passing by so many amazing spots) or just do a shorter trip e.g. from Jericoacoara via Guriu, Tatajuba, Barra Grande, Macapa, Delta of Parnaiba all the way to Atins. Brazil is THE country that was made for endless downwinders, where the wind is just always blowing during the season!

Why should you go there? No country in the world is blessed with so many amazing spots, great conditions and high wind chance as the Northern Coast of Brazil. It’s as if it was just created to provide the best playgrounds for kitesurfer ever.
Best Wind? depending on the spot, usually from August – November/December

4)Lencois Maranheses, Brazil


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Yes, this spot deserves an extra mentioning because it is just surreal how beautiful this place is! The dunes of this National park are basically rainwater pools, which are usually filled the most right after the rainy season. This spot is simply out of this world!

Why should you go there? Little bits and pieces of flatwater heaven embedded in those dunes.
Best Wind? it’s windy from July – December but the pools are usually filled the most right at the beginning of the season in July.

5) Western Australian Coast & Hutt LagoonIsn't this the best kitesurf adventure?Kea Janssen shredding in the pink lagoon

Photo Credit: Kea Janssen

The whole wild coast of Western Australia is a huge uncrowded playground but Hutt Lagoon, a salt lake, is probably the most exceptional spot there! This coastline simply asks for endless road trips and adventurous sessions at lonely spots.

The Western Coast of Australia with endless kitesurfing opportunities!

Photo Credit: lebendigkite

Why should you go there? I mean seriously, kiting in a pink lagoon, can it get more picturesque and girly than that? Plus the whole Western Coast is pure adventure, make sure to check out this post on 10 reasons why it belongs to the top of your kitesurf bucket list!
Best Wind? September – April
Spot Guide: Western Australia Spot Guide by inmotion kitesurfing or this overview of spots along Western Australia by the Australian Tourism Board

6) Le Morne, Mauritius

Kitesurfing with north wind from the public beach in Le Morne, Maurtius

Mauritius will knock you off your feet with its beautiful nature, turquoise waters, impressing reefs, world-class waves as well as a beginner-friendly flatwater lagoon

Why should you go there? If you want all kind of wave conditions (from intermediate to pro) in beautiful surroundings as well as a flatwater lagoon next door.
Best Wind? June – August
Spot Guide: Kitesurf in Le Morne, Mauritius


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7) Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USThe kitesurf adventure of a lifetime: kite once under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Even if it’s not the warmest, windiest or best spot regarding the conditions (choppy, often foggy), it is definitely the spot that is filled with a lot of emotions. Kiting under the Golden Gate Bridge is one of those goals that make a lot of kitesurfer’s eyes shine.

Why should you go there? I mean, it’s the freakin’ Golden Gate Bridge! Time for a trip to San Francisco, baby!
Best Wind? April – September

8) Kitesurf under the northern lights


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For the really adventurous kitesurfer that don’t mind the cold and want to experience a one-in-a-lifetime night session! All comfort left aside, this will probably be one of the purest experiences kitesurfing out in nature and feeling all of it’s majesty and force!

Why should you go there? Kitesurfing at night. With the Northern lights above you! Adventure meets excitement meets night session!