Thinking about joining our Wake Up Stoked kitecamp, happening 22 – 29 June, 2019 in Drepano, Greece? Here is what you’ll get out of this week full of kitesurfing, progressing and stoke!

Is it a kite camp or yoga retreat or…?

We call it a kite camp – but in reality it’s much more than that! We want to combine body and mind, kitesurfing and life. Which is why we integrate a lot of different aspects: kite coachings on water and with video analysis, daily yoga, healthy food and lifestyle, meditation and visualization session for your kitesurf progress and maybe even life’s plans, workshops around healthy food and self development. We want you to come out of this week with self confidence, new visions and to be full of stoke!

World-class kite conditions for progression

I couldn’t believe my eyes or rather believe my progress when I kited at this spot for the first time last year. I always saw it in the instagram posts of kitesurf pros and thought I REALLY have to go there one day. The tricks I could barely pull anywhere else suddenly became easy thanks to the flatwater and steady wind – which is why we are taking you there to learn new tricks and progress in this perfect scenario!

Kitesurf Holiday with Progression and Kite Coaching, Daily Yoga

Progress and push you riding

After that initial kitesurf course we’re usually done with lessons. We’re out and about progressing on our own, learning how to stay upwind, doing turns, going toeside. Then we get more brave and go for those first jumps. Depending on your level of courage, your kite buddies and the spots you go to – your riding will probably stagnate at some point (at least that’s what happened to us).

At this point it’s time to invest in some more lessons to push your progression – and the best way to do this is not only a day of lessons but to push your riding the whole week with some kite buddies that have the same goal as you do: progress!

No matter if that means learning to go toeside or do your first jumps or boost your jumps higher or polish your oldschool big air moves: we will help you push your level of riding according to your skill level!

or: finally learn kitesurfing at our camp!

The camp is not only for independent kitesurfers. If you want to join the Wake Up Stoked camp we will book you some kitesurf lessons with a kitesurf school we will be closely working with in the best conditions you could imagine for learning kitesurfing: flat water and super stable wind.

Also if you just need that last polishing to keep riding upwind, you can take a few more lessons to get confident riding on your own.
kitecamp kitesurf holiday

Make memories (and keep them)

On your kitesurf holidays you kite, eat, sleep, repeat. You spend a week (or two or three) at awesome destinations and just enjoy the kiting. Which is wonderful. But at the end of your holiday, when you’re coming back home, you wish you would have captured some of those wonderful kite moments and your kitesurf tricks.

We know the pain of trying to get good kitesurf pics – there is never anyone who can really take pictures (everyone wants to kite themselves, understandable) or the spot is “not made” for taking good photos since jumping close to the beach would be super dangerous.

We solved all these problems: during the camp we will take photos of you and your kitesurf progression and Drepano is ideal for taking photos (since the wind is offshore so you can jump close to the beach and will land downwind in the ocean).

We’ll capture those memories for you so that you have lasting images of your adventures long after you go home!

Kitecamp Kitesurf Holiday Greece June

Try new spots you wouldn’t go alone to

We all know this problem: most kitesurf spots are either pretty unkown and “lonely” so sometimes it’s hard to get to know people as a solo traveller. Or we go to spots which are very famous for being spots where you easily meet people but the kitesurf conditions aren’t really what you’re looking for. We solved this problem with the amazing spot by providing a camp where you can connect with like-minded kitesurfers. Combine the best conditions with a group of great kitesurfers!

Meet like-minded kitesurfers

There is only one thing which can make a kitesurf holiday with perfect kitesurf conditions even better: sharing it with other awesome kitesurfers! You will meet like-minded kitesurfers who might even become future kite buddies and progress together. Pushing your kitesurf limits is even more fun when you share the crashes and wins with someone just as excited!

kitecamp kitesurf holiday

Daily yoga and activities – build new habits

We know how hard it is to build everyday habits when you’re at home in your everyday life. Which is why we’ll make you try lots of different activities (like yoga, meditation, visualization sessions, cooking & self development workshop) so that you can in the first place realize what makes you feel alive. What you like. And then maybe even take some small parts of that with you back home – next to the new kitesurf tricks you’ll be nailing!

Kitecamp Kitesurf Holiday with Daily Yoga

Expand your horizon

Now here’s the thing. We’re not just doing an average kite camp. We have so much more in mind for you to get you out of your comfort zone and try things you wouldn’t try in your normal environment. First off – of course – the kitesurf progression.

We realized that from progressing in kitesurfing we also learn so much about ourselves and for our life. Yoga – when being offered an ideal way to start your day right in front of your doorstep, it’s very easy to take up this new habit. And again, it’s not about being the stretchiest or bendiest – it’s about finding yourself and finding what does you good.

Next to those two main activities we will dive a bit into meditation and visualization – to help you visualize your progress but also the way you learn new things and give you time to reflect about yourself.

On no-wind-days (which will be pretty rare or maybe not existend but we figured at some point you’ll be happy to get a few hours rest from kiteboarding for your sore body) we’ll have workshops around nutrition (the easiest way to cook or prepare meals and healthy yummy sweets while you’re traveling) and self development (diving a bit into what your path in life is or might be and how you could improve your kitesurf-life-balance).

All programme is optional but we’d be more than happy if you’re just open for it and give it a try.

Kitecamp Kitesurf Holiday with Daily Yoga

Laid-back Greek vibes

One of the things we love about our camp location Drepano is that it’s a very laid back local spot. Not many tourists, it’s still quite unspoilt and you can still have city vibes in Patra (30-min-drive-away).

kitecamp kitesurf holiday