In case you are still considering learning kitesurfing or taking kitesurf lessons, then you’ll love this post with all the kitesurf FAQ’s that beginners usually ask.

You finished your kite lessons and are riding safely upwind? You’re wondering now what’s next and how to learn tricks? With which tricks to start? Well let me just tell you you have a whole exciting world in front of you! This is a step-by-step guide on how to advance. Go from kitesurf beginner to kitesurf pro!

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1. How to do the self rescue

I really hope you were taught how to do the self rescue during your kite surf lessons. In case you haven’t, check out this video and practice it a couple of times until you feel safe with your equipment. Progressing always means crashing more often and you might need this now more than ever.

2. The common mistakes most kitesurfers make

This video shows some typical mistakes most kitesurfer make presented in a funny way and epic location. Check it out and learn  Additionally to this video make sure to check out my article Kitesurfing safety: How to make it out alive with tons of tips on how to stay safe and have fun on and off the water.

3. How to ride in light wind

This video illustrates how to ride in light wind.

4. How to ride in strong wind

In general make sure to know your limits and if you’re unsure whether the wind is too strong for your level or kite, rather ask someone or stay out of the water this time. At some point you will face the strong wind though so here is a video illustrating how to ride best in strong wind.

5. How to do a transition

Learn how to change direction with style.

6. How to ride toeside

The easiest way to progress in the beginning is learning how to ride toeside. It will be the basis to transitions and jumps and will spice things up!

7. How to do a toeside to heelside carving turn or gybe toe-to-heel

Once you learned how to go toeside, a carving turn is the next and easy step to add some style to your turns.

8. How to do a heelside to toeside carving turn or gybe heel-to-toe

Just the other way around, transition into toeside when turning.

9. How to pop

Before you start jumping, learning to pop will help you make your jumps higher and more controlled. Once you know how to pop you can do e.g. a chop hop and land it toeside.

10. How to jump

Now comes the exciting part: learn how to fly!

11. How to do jumps with board grabs

From now on for most tricks you’ll be doing, adding grabs also adds a lot of style to your jumps. The easiest one being the tail grab and indie grab. The most spectacular one being the nuclear grab which you can see here:

12. How to do a jump with board off

Once you know how to do a tail grab, doing a one foot board off is the next step when doing higher jumps.

13. How to do a backroll

Time to move on to some stylish rotations! It looks harder than it actually is and will bring your kitesurfing skills to the next level!

14. How to do a double backroll with one foot off

There are various ways on how to spice up a backroll by adding board grabs or like here doing a one foot off while doing a double backroll.

15. How to do a frontroll

A bit different than the backroll, learning the front roll required way more practicing than the backroll (at least for me). But it is so much more fun now and I love to add grabs to the jumps as well!

16. How to spice up your transitions

There is tons of ways to transition with style and add a lot of fun to your session. You’ll get a glimpse of what’s possible in this video: