Here are 10 reasons why kitesurfing in Western Australia is belongs to the top of your bucket list | Guest Post by Lebendigkite


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The beauty of the kite spots

Australia is not just famous for its countless beaches, but at the same time for their stunning beauty. Besides the perfect kitesurfing conditions that the spots offer, they are also incredibly gorgeous. A magical scenery, crystal clear water in amazing colors and white sand – just how one would imagine paradise.

Western Australia's raw beauty – a perfect setup for your kitesurfing trip

The diversity of the spots and conditions

The coastline of Western Australia spans over 12,000 kilometers and offers an incredible array of kiting experiences. You can find world class waves and endless flat water lagoons also in combination at some spots thanks to reefs along the shore. No matter if you’re a beginner or progressed kitesurfer, you can find the perfect spot for every desire. The diversity of the kite spots not only provides variety but also allows surfing opportunities for all different levels of kitesurfing.

The diversity of Western Australia's kitesurf spotsSurfing in Western Australia

Lonely, heavenly beaches

Talking about Western Australia’s countless beaches along its huge coastline, you should know that only 2.64 million people live in an area of 2.646.000 km². That’s one person per square kilometer. About 80% of Western Australia’s Population lives in Perth. Long story short: there are heaps of heavenly beaches and amazing kite spots totally empty, waiting for you to enjoy yourself.

Kitesurfing at the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia

The Australian way of life

Besides the beauty of its nature, Australia is also an amazing place regarding its people. The Australians are very friendly, outgoing, helpful, welcoming and always up for a funny joke or a nice chat. The so-called “mateship” is an important and central concept of the Australian culture. It embodies loyalty, equality, friendship and contributes in a significant way to the good vibes in this great country.

The Australian way of life

Steady wind during the kitesurf season

From October till March the sea breeze – a very reliable thermal wind – ensures steady and strong winds, that usually start after lunch. The breeze develops due to differences in air pressure created by the heat in the interior of the county, caused by the intense sunlight, and colder air over the ocean. The differing heat capacities of water and dry land is most significant during spring and summer, why this is the best time for kitesurfing in Western Australia.

The steady wind from October until March along the coast of Western Australia

Awesome weather and temperatures

As the wind season in Australia happens to be during their warm spring and summer month, the best time for kitesurfing over there is once in Europe the Winter is slowly approaching. While the temperatures at home get colder, you will find yourself down under in beautiful summer weather, kitesurfing only in boardshorts or a bikini.

Western Australia offers the perfect weather for kitesurfing

Best of wildlife – kitesurf with company

Ever felt like kitesurfing in real nature with dolphins, turtles or even whales? Well then Western Australia is your destination to go. Apart from the wildlife living in the water, Australia’s heraldic animals – kangaroos and emus – or even wild horses, camels or rabbits will cross your path and make your stay even more special. The lucky ones might even be able to spot a snake, but against popular belief, an encounter is pretty rare.

Kitesurfing in Western Australia – with Wildlife like Dolphins

Enjoy the raw and untouched nature

One of the things that make Western Australia so precious is its wild and untouched nature you find yourself in, once you left the city. Waking up to the sound of the waves breaking close to shore, drinking your coffee while watching the sunrise and the dolphins swimming past, kite until the sun sets and catch some fresh fish for dinner. You will never see the stars shining brighter than sitting in your camping chair on a lonely beautiful beach far away from civilization.

Raw Nature and Outdoor vibes during your kitesurf trip in Western Australia

Experience real off-road adventure

The remoteness of most parts of Western Australia means that getting to your destination can be quite an adventure itself. Driving along the beach, on rocky tracks or through creeks is a great experience, that will turn your kite holiday into an actual kite adventure. It is essential therefore to not only have the right vehicle but also knowing where to go and how to drive off-road properly.

In case you don’t feel like you’re up to it on yourself you can join a kitesurfing trip guided by lebendigkite (who wrote this article, more infos about them at the end of this post). They will lead you to the most beautiful and hidden spots of Western Australia’s coastline, while you are driving your own 4wd-car.

Offroad adventure: the way to get to your kite spots in Western AustraliaKitesurf in Western Australia at the most remote kite spots

Get to know the Indigenous cultures of Australia

The Indigenous Australians are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people of Australia. There is so much to know and learn about their interesting histories and fascinating cultures. Discover their way of life and their special connection to nature and mother earth.

Enjoying indigenous culture alongside your kite trip


Marina and Jano, the founders of lebendigkite

This guest post is written by Marina and Jano, who are two passionate kitesurfers and love traveling, nature and freedom. On the beautiful west coast of Australia, they discovered amazing spots, where kitesurfing feels like dreaming. An experience, they want to share with like-minded people on their adventure-kitesurfing-trips with lebendigkite.