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kite camp

Drepano, Greece

22 – 29 June, 2019

  • This is waiting for you:

kite progression through video analysis and on water coaching * kite clinics * daily yoga * healthy lifestyle * workshops

Live a week of stoke. Meet, live and progress with like-minded kitesurfers. Try new activities and tricks. Grow on the water and on land, push your boundaries, expand your horizon and fill your life with more stoke.

Kitecamp Drepano Greece with daily yoga
Kitecamp Drepano Greece with daily yoga and kite coaching

Kitesurf. Progress. Grow. Wake Up Stoked.

You want to progress with your kitesurf skills but you're are always a bit too afraid to try it on your own? Or have you thought about learning kitesurfing for a long time? Do you want to grow personally and live a healthy, active week and get inspired?

Then the Wake Up Stoked Camp is right for you! You'll spend 7 days with like-minded kitesurfers in a Greek kite house. You'll learn kitesurfing or get kite clinics to push your riding to the next level. You'll get inspiration and knowledge in workshops centred around self development, healthy lifestyle and becoming the best version of yourself.

  • * Find your tribe! Meet like-minded kitesurfers *
  • * Question your boundaries in kitesurfing and life * 
  • * Learn new skills, try new activities *
  • * Live a healthy lifestyle *
  • * Get inspired by your experience and tribe *
  • * Grow personally *

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A typical day at the camp

– Morning yoga
– Breakfast in kite villa
– Daily meeting for briefing
– short pep talk on kite progression
– kite coaching (video coaching or on-water-coaching) OR independent kitesurfing
– lunch at "The Spot" with burgers, salads or Acai Bowls to re-energize
– more kitesurfing or chilling in kite villa or swimming
– on a no wind day: workshops on lifestyle and nutrition or an excursion for some sightseeing
– go out for dinner in one of the villages or cook a meal with fresh Greek veggies

  • What if I fall?
    Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

    – Erin Hanson

The Kite Spot Drepano

A kite spot that ticked off all our boxes: very stable wind, works with almost any wind direction and with the two most regular wind directions you get perfect flatwater thanks to the land strip. This is why this spot is hugely popular for kitesurf pros all over the world who come to train here – and soon you! We haven't found many spots where progression is made this easy regarding kite conditions and we're happy that this spot is still quite unknown and not overcrowded.


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Our house is just a 7 minute drive from the spot. Depending on your need we have single rooms with 2 single beds or a double bed for couples as well as shared rooms with 2 single beds. Each apartment has its own kitchen and living area. The common areas include a pool, an outdoor area to have breakfast or other meals together as well as lots of green area and coconut trees. It is close to a village with restaurants and small supermarkets and in a very quiet area of the town.

kitecamp drepano Greece accommodation
kitecamp drepano Greece accommodation

What is included?

– accommodation in house with pool, 7 min from the spot
– breakfast
– transport to the kite spot
– the most amazing flatwater spot to push your progression
– 3 days of kite coaching in a group (mix of on-water-coaching and video anlysis)
– unlimited boat rescue
– photos of you kitesurfing taken during the camp
– daily yoga lessons
– no wind activities (excursions to surrounding villages or gym sessions, extra yoga sessions)
– welcome dinner in kite villa
– Greek BBQ in kite villa
– cooking workshop for healthy food (on no wind day)
– self development workshop
– visualization and meditation sessions
– goal setting and mindset coaching at the beginning of camp
– surprise goodie bag

Additional services

– one on one kite coaching on the water (upon request)
– available: day trip to the secret spot (additional charge, only when wind forecast is good)
– available: downwinders to surrounding spots (with rescue boat) (additional charge)
– available: SUP rental, foil lessons, kite equipment rental (additional charge)

What is not included?

– flight
– transport from airport to Drepano (check the FAQ for more infos)
– kite equipment
– lunch, dinner (except workshop and two dinners)


More reasons to join our camp? Check out this post.

kitesurf yoga camp in drepano, Greece with flatwater and kite coaching

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Prices per Person

book together with your friend or partner and save 10%

The booking procedure

1. Click on book now and fill out the booking form, choose your accommodation 2. Receive your booking information and invoice 3. As soon as you have paid the invoice (payment is due within 7 days) your spot is confirmed


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Who will be there?

Miriam Tymiec

Founder of the blog Wake Up Stoked, kitesurf addict, life hacker, lover of good routines, healthy food addict, loves to sweat every day, always in pursuit of stoke and growth within and outside.

Miriam on Instagram, Facebook, YoutubePinterest
Watch Miriam's kite skills here:


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Manuel Tymiec

Videographer, kite coach, Big Air lover, expert for oldschool tricks, motivation guru und best giver of pep talks, ever! Besides all that he will teach yoga daily at our camp.

Manuel on Instagram, Facebook, YoutubeWebsite
Watch Manuel's kite skills here:


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What exactly is Wake Up Stoked?

Wake Up Stoked started out as Miriam's platform to share her passion for kitesurfing. She quit her job in 2015 to become a freelance graphic designer and spend more time on the water – chasing the wind – while working remotely. While she thought about quitting multiple times there was one vision which kept her going: Wake Up Stoked – and by that she means not only the blog but a life philosophy: live a life that makes you jump out of bed every morning and strive to live up to your biggest potential – in kitesurfing as well as in life.

Her brother Manuel not only supported her right from the beginning to pursue her dreams but pushed her in her journey and coached her towards learning new kitesurf tricks (he was also the reason why she tried kitesurfing in the first place!). He is the photographer and videographer behind most of the beautiful imagery you will see on Wake Up Stoked and is running his videographer business Action Edit.

Kitecamp Testimonial Sabine


Kitesurfing with Miriam catapulted my skills to the next level! She flies effortlessly into the sky full of grace and elegantly pulls the most difficult tricks. With her patient and empathetic nature she helped me to conquer my kitesurf blockades and thanks to her I collect compliments worldwide for my dark slide.

If that's not enough, you can be sure that her energetic brother Manuel will give you the decisive tip that will leave you rocking the trick. Both have a very rich experience as kitesurf instructors and a very good eye for coaching! I would join them again for kitesurfing anywhere, anytime!

Dr. med. Sabine Egger – a.k.a. Dr. Happy from Switzerland

Is the kitecamp right for my needs?

The kitecamp is right for you, if...

– you want to meet new kite buddies and push your limits together
– you want to learn oldschool/big air tricks or tweak your jumps or maybe even just learn your first jumps
– you love a simple and good kite life (kite, eat, sleep, repeat)
– you like yoga and being active
– you like to dive into local culture and explore yourself
– you like to expand your comfort zone and try new things

The kitecamp is NOT right for you, if...

– you're looking for an All-Inclusive experience with 24/7 programme
– you want to learn advanced freestyle/unhooked tricks
– you're already jumping and kitelooping at 15 meters and want to crack the 20-meter-mark
– you're looking for a spot with lots of nightlife every night

I have a question which has not been answered in the FAQ:

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