[ADVERTISEMENT / COOPERATION] I was allowed to use the light wind kites and foil boards by KITE AND YOGA MALLORCA and got a foil coaching by Luciano during my stay. This article was written by me and all opinions are 100% mine. 

Quite frankly I knew that Mallorca was an astonishingly beautiful island with great scenery and nature activities. But only by coincidence I made my way here for kitesurfing and didn’t expect much. Thanks to Kite and Yoga Mallorca my trip turned out to be a complete blast.

About kitesurfing on Mallorca and what made it so special to me

First things first: it is a great spot to learn kitesurfing and if you are a beginner kitesurfer who just completed the beginner’s course. If you are an independent kitesurfer you can expect lighter wind with some exceptions but expect to use bigger kite sizes – or learn to foil!

I had tried foiling a couple of times but only on Mallorca I properly got into it.

I’ve traveled the world many years but the vibe and open arms I was welcomed with at Kite and Yoga by the whole team is unique. I rarely met such open, big-hearted and friendly people as I did here which made my stay so special.

The spot I will focus on for this blogpost is the main kite spot on the island: Port de Pollença

Kitesurf Mallorca: spot guide to Pollenca, the main kite spot on the Balearic Island in Spain

Pros & Cons for kitesurfing in Pollença on Mallorca, Spain

+ beautiful island with stunning nature
+ ideal for learning kitesurfing and foiling
+ lots of no wind activities
+ also good for the non-kitesurfing company
+ loads of yoga classes

– more light wind so nothing for strong wind enthusiasts
– car is recommended (also to check out the rest of the island)

Kitesurf Mallorca: impressions from the Balearic island

General Infos for kitesurfing in Pollença on Mallorca, Spain (best wind/when to go, water temperature and spot condition)

Best wind/when to go:

The main season in Mallorca is quite short from June to August. Despite that, you can also get lucky in May or September. Mallorca isn’t a typical kitesurf island (meaning that the wind probability is not as high as let’s say spots in Northern Brazil) but you can get many light wind sessions.

Water temperature:

Long wetsuit in May – June, Sept – October. In the summer months you can wear a 2mm shorty or also see many people ride in boardshorts only.

Spot condition:

Onshore wind with little waves. The beach to launch/land is quite small so make sure you get out fast. The first 50 meters are standing area.

Learn kitesurfing on Mallorca, Spain. Kitesurf Mallorca Spot Guide

Beginner-friendly for kitesurfers and those who want to learn?

Yes and No 🙂 The beach is quite small so setting up can get a little tricky but it has a big standing area so it is a lot of beginners learning. Since the wind is onshore it is tricky for beginners to stay upwind and not end up at the beach – on the other hand, you cannot drift off somewhere downwind 😉 All in all I would say it is a good beginner spot despite the onshore wind as the wind is super stable, you have a big standing area and no hazards in the water.

Kitesurf Mallorca: spot guide to Pollenca, the main kite spot on the Balearic Island in Spain

How to get to Mallorca, Spain

You fly into Palma airport (PMI) which is just a 40-minute drive from Port de Pollenca.

How to get around in Mallorca, Spain

I would recommend getting a rental car as there is so much to see on the island and it gives you the freedom to explore on no-wind-days. I always book my rental car via billiger mietwagen (German Site, you can cancel up to 24 hrs before) or Rental Cars (International Site).

Learn kitesurfing on Mallorca, Spain. Kitesurf Mallorca Spot Guide

Spot details for kitesurfing in Port de Pollença on Mallorca, Spain

Usually onshore wind with small waves if the wind is light. The standing area is quite big, the rigging area is quite tight so make sure to put your bar together when you take a break.

How to read the wind forecast for kitesurfing in Mallorca

Windfinder usually forecasts the wind quite accurately for the time we stayed, if the wind direction is right and the thermal winds kick in you always get a few knots more. But there were also days with just 3-4 knots forecasted and they got 12–14 knots so it always makes sense to check the Live Webcam.

 Kitesurf Mallorca: spot guide to Pollenca, the main kite spot on the Balearic Island in Spain

Yoga Lessons in Port de Pollenca/Alcudia on Mallorca

Nereida and Luciano teach beautiful Hatha and Power yoga classes and Nereida gives Reiki treatments in her yoga studio in Alcudia. You can check out the full timetable here, some days a week she also gives yoga lessons on the beach and SUP yoga.

SUP Yoga Mallorca and Learn Kitesurfing

kitesurf and yoga on mallorca, spain

Get an impression of what kitesurfing on Mallorca is like with this video:


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