The life of a kitesurf digital nomad sounds pretty much like a dream come true, doesn’t it? I have chased the wind and wifi for the past 6 years (and counting, here is an article on how I quit my job to become a remote worker to be able to follow the wind on my terms) and still didn’t get tired of it. I already described a bit on how I make the Kitesurf’n’Work lifestyle work – and got tons of questions which are the right spots to do it.

must haves for digital nomads on the packing list

Not every good kitespot provides decent internet – yet! So here is my personal selection of the best spots for kitesurfing digital nomads – some with some vivid nightlife and some simply centered around kitesurfing at its best!

Please keep in mind that everyone has different needs regarding internet: if you rely on client group video calls you might need a more stable and better connection compared to if you are a freelance writer and don’t always have to have a perfect connection. My needs have changed quite a lot from previously, where I only worked remotely as a graphic designer, to now where I regularly facilitate online breathwork sessions via zoom call and need a perfect connection.

Btw, have you joined the Facebook group Kitesurfing Digital Nomads yet? It’s a community of like-minded remote workers who are just as passionate about kitesurfing as you are!

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1. Kitesurf Digital Nomad hotspot: Tarifa, Spain

kitesurf digital nomad hotspot tarifa spain

Tarifa has the nightlife and lifestyle and a vibrant digital nomad community – I’ve met so many remote workers there that I kept meeting again at the world’s best spots in Brazil, Dominican Republic and Venezuela. It is definitely the only spot that combines lifestyle with kitesurfing and nomad culture all in one!

Personally, for me the kitesurfing is not really the best (since it can get pretty crowded, Levante can be super gusty but is the stronger kind of wind I usually prefer, Poniente is much more stable wind-wise and also brings biger waves) but I absolutely love overall atmosphere of Tarifa, all the possibilities for activities and the people! I’d always come back here to soak up some digital nomad vibe! Tarifa is definitely a good place to go as a solo traveler and party your heart out and meet new people easily!

Overview of Kitesurf-Work-Lifestyle in Tarifa, Spain

★★★☆☆ Kitesurfing
★★★★★ Digital Nomad Community
★★★★☆ Wifi
★★★★★ Nightlife
★★★★★ No-wind-activities

Overview of Kitesurf-Work-Lifestyle in Tarifa, Spain

  • Best Wind: April – October (end of June – early September are very very very crowded)
  • Suited for kite surf students/absolute beginners? I personally wouldn’t really recommend Tarifa for learning to kitesurf (except in the flatwater lagoons) since the wind is quite gusty but if you can kite here you can kite anywhere!
  • Water Condition: anything from flatwater to waves depending on the spot
  • No wind activities: yoga, partying, all kinds of different sports, outdoor „gyms”, normal gyms
  • Coworking Cafes: I loved Surla but there are many more, make sure to check out WebWorkTravel’s Tarifa guide for more Coworking Cafes
  • Coworking Space: La Cocotera in the old town (which is a Boutique Hostel as well), Garage Coworking in the Poligono (ideal if you want a parking spot, new and super well equipped)
  • Wifi/Mobile Internet (Sim Card): Some guest houses and apartments have fiber, make sure to check before you book. I got a Vodafone Sim Card but I guess Orange and Movistar are just as fine, you can find it in Tarifa itself.
  • How to get around: I’d go for a rental car since you always need to drive to the spots.
  • Facebook Group: Tarifa Digital Nomads, there are various Whatsapp groups for Digital Nomads as well, it’s best to ask in the Tarifa Digital Nomads facebook group for the link. The App Wozin (spoken like “Who’s in”) is a very popular meetup app where nomads often spontaneously post activities to do togther.

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2. Kitesurf Digital Nomad hotspot: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Kitesurfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Even though there are not too many nomads who know about this place – yet – (I’m working on it since it’s one of my all-time favorite spots) I think it has everything you need to make it a digital nomad hotspot: awesome kitesurfing conditions, decent wifi and a growing community of expats, health warriors and nomads.

Just as in Tarifa, you can party hard every night or go for a healthy lifestyle and daily yoga sessions – whatever you feel like! It’s a great place for solo travelers as you’ll meet people effortlessly – on the kite beach or in the club. What I enjoy most is that you can stay right at Kite Beach for a reasonable price and can go kitesurfing straight from your room to the ocean.

Overview of Kitesurf-Work-Lifestyle in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

★★★★★ Kitesurfing
★★★☆☆ Digital Nomad Community
★★★☆☆ Wifi
★★★★★ Nightlife
★★★★☆ No-wind-activities

Quick facts for the Kitesurf Digital Nomad lifestyle in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

  • Best Wind: Jun, Jul have around 90 percent wind chance (end of Dec – mid-April have around 50-70 percent wind chance)
  • Suited for kite surf students/absolute beginners? It’s not the easiest spot to learn (choppy, deep water, crowded in main season) but if you learn it there you can kite anywhere – plus the wind is pretty stable.
  • Water Condition: choppy, waves on the reef, flatwater in the little lagoon called La Boca
  • No-wind activities: so many! surfing, SUP, amazing yoga classes for different styles, aqua fit classes, HIIT training, gyms with spinning, kick-boxing, crossfit and many more. (check the spot guide for detailed infos)
  • Wifi/Mobile Internet (Sim Card): Some places have high-speed internet, check before you book. As for Sim cards you can get LTE (ok, it’s more a Dominican LTE but still) with Claro, you can get it in Cabarete town.
  • How to get around: you can easily get around by motoconchos (moto taxis), gua gua’s (public transport) or walk in and around Cabarete
  • Facebook Group: Cabarete Digital Nomads, Everything Cabarete (for all general infos, finding an apartment etc.)

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Check out my extensive Kitesurf Spot Guide Cabarete (incluing Digital Nomad section in the end)

3. Kitesurf Digital Nomad hotspot: Cape Town, South Africa

Kitesurf Digital Nomad Hotspot: Blouberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Capetown is the place where most of the kite addicts and pro kitesurfers meet during winter/South African summer. For those who love waves and don’t mind the cold water it’s the only hotspot that combines all the comforts of city life with kitesurfing and stunning nature including the mountains. You have a great variety of spots and during winter time it is THE destination for all the pro kiteboarders and home of the King of the Air.

Plus, even though it’s a city you can get housing for reasonable prices in walking distance to the kite spots!

The driving distances are a bit bigger as at other spots but you have all the comforts of city life while still being close to a kite surf spot. Thanks to all the activities and life going on this spot is also great for non-kiting digital nomads.

Overview of Kitesurf-Work-Lifestyle in Cape Town, South Africa

★★★★★ Kitesurfing
★★★★★ Digital Nomad Community
★★★★☆ Wifi
★★★★☆ Nightlife
★★★★★ No-wind-activities

Kitesurf Digital Nomad Hotspot: Blouberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Quick facts for the Kitesurf Digital Nomad lifestyle in Cape Town, South Africa

  • Best Wind: November – March
  • Suited for kite surf students/absolute beginners? Not really, only if you drive to e.g. Langebaan.
  • Water Condition: waves, flatwater in e.g.Langebaan
  • No-wind activities: way too many to count! Surfing, SUP, hiking, outdoor activities and anything else you can expect from a big city like Cape Town – including party, markets, roadtrip opportunities and so much more!
  • Coworking Spaces in Blouberg: Eden Coworking and At Work, both in Big Bay – they have fibre and generators in case there is loadshedding (in South Africa there is sometimes power cuts so download the Eskom Se Push App to stay updated for when the next power cuts are).
    In Cape Town city (around 30 min drive from Blouberg, you can find a lot more coworking spaces
  • Wifi/Mobile Internet (Sim Card): Some airbnbs have fibre and uncapped internet, but wifi can also be super crappy so make sure to check before you book your place. Cell C has big data packages (for example 200 GB)but Vodafone has better coverage and speed. Rain 5G has also unlimited data packages (only 10mbps speed though and the coverage in Blouberg is not the best)
  • How to get around: Uber or rental car
  • Facebook Group: Capetown Digital Nomads

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4. Kitesurf Digital Nomad hotspot: El Medano, Tenerife, Canary island

Kitesurf Digital Nomad Hotpost: El Medano, Tenerife, Canary Islands

El Medano is small, compact and just very practical. While it wasn’t the most amazing spot I have every kited it – it is very, very convenient. You are still in Europe and even in winter you can get some light wind days (although for me personally it is too light, I was mostly on my 12). You have a kite station right at the spot where you can rent your locker, store all your equipment, shower etc. So you can simply walk from your apartment, go kite whenever you want and have all your stuff there at a reasonable fee.

Overview of Kitesurf-Work-Lifestyle in El Medano, Tenerife

★★★☆☆ Kitesurfing
★★★☆☆ Digital Nomad Community
★★★★☆ Wifi
★☆☆☆☆ Nightlife
★★★☆☆ No-wind-activities

Quick facts for the Kitesurf Digital Nomad lifestyle in El Medano, Tenerife

  • Best Wind: April – October (although you have lighter and less wind in the other months as well)
  • Suited for kite surf students/absolute beginners? Yes
  • Water Condition: mostly choppy, some waves
  • No-wind activities: not too many in El Medano itself, if you have a car you can explore the island, go for hikes, go surfing in Playa Las Americas
  • Wifi/Mobile Internet (Sim Card): we had fibre internet in the apartment (actually more and more apartments in El Medano have fibre but make sure to check beforehand!) but I had a Vodafone sim card which also worked well
  • How to get around: in El Medano itself you don’t need a rental car but if you want to go to a bigger supermarket or explore the island is is necessary
  • Facebook Group: Tenerife Remote Workers, Tenerife South Digital Nomads

5. Kitesurf Digital Nomad hotspot: Jericoacoara, Northern Brazil

Kitesurf Digital Nomad Hotpost: Jericoacoara and Prea, Northern Brazil

Imagine just the BEST wind conditions – like wind every damn day without even having to check the forecast. How incredible is that? That makes structuring your days and work meetings way easier (and your kite-addicted mind much calmer), when you know the wind always blows. Plus Jeri is one of those spots along the Brazilian coast that has so much lifestyle and spirit, also suited for the non-kiting digital nomads!

There are more and more remote workers coming here for the winter season, like long-time remote worker Tijana Momirov, who also founded the Jeri Facebook group Follow the elements. She organizes meetups from time to time so you can get to know the locals and Jeri Digital Nomad crowd. Since the beginning of 2017 a glass fiber internet connection was installed in Jeri which makes the connection much better.

A quick warning: most of the digital nomads stay here all autumn and winter, this place is made for staying longer. Long-term accommodation is not too easy to get since Jeri is a well-known kite spot amongst Brazilians and foreigners so plan a bit ahead (especially during Christmas time and New Year’s it’s almost impossible to find something)

Overview of Kitesurf-Work-Lifestyle in Jericoacoara, Brazil

★★★★★ Kitesurfing
★★★☆☆ Digital Nomad Community
★★☆☆☆ Wifi
★★★★☆ Nightlife
★★★☆☆ No-wind-activities

Quick facts for the Kitesurf Digital Nomad lifestyle in Jericoacoara, Brazil

  • Best Wind: Aug – Jan (seriously like almost 100 percent wind)
  • Suited for kite surf students/absolute beginners? depending on the spot it can be a bit tough (when the water is deeper and choppier and the wind strong) but in general, you can learn it quite well in the lagoons (Guriu, Tatajuba)
  • Water Condition: depending on the spot, anything from flatwater, choppy to waves
  • No wind activities: not that you would ever need to find a no-wind-activity during the season since the wind always blows but you can try surf/sup/windsurf (depending on the swell), yoga, zumba, capoeira, jiu jutsu or dancing for instance. The beach of Jeri is perfect for running with low/medium tide and if you need an extra kick you can run up and down the dunes a few times.
  • Wifi/Mobile Internet (Sim Card): Some places have fiber in Jeri. Sim cards are tough to get because you need a Brazilian VAT number but there are ways around it. It’s not really worth it either because the mobile internet is quite slow, at least in Jeri.
  • How to get around: you’ll always need a buggy / 4WD to get to the spots, in town everything is walkable
  • Facebook Group for Digital Nomads: Jericoacoara and Prea Digital Nomads
  • More Infos for kitesurfing: Kitesurf Spot Guide Jericoacoara

6. Kitesurf Digital Nomad hotspot: El Gouna, Egypt

kitesurf digital nomad hotspot el gouna egypt

Egypt has been a bit off my radar since it usually always was just some hotels in the middle of the desert. Until I found El Gouna, which a kite surf teacher also called the „Disneyland of Egypt“.

While El Gouna is an artificial town as well in the middle of the desert, it offers a lot of lifestyle around the kite surf spot: a wakeboard park for the nonwindy days or excellent diving opportunities, an almost western, open-minded downtown and marina with various restaurants and supermarkets and a pretty vivid nightlife compared to other spots in Egypt.

kitesurf digital nomad hotspot el gouna egypt

Overview of Kitesurf-Work-Lifestyle in El Gouna

★★★★☆ Kitesurfing
★★☆☆☆ Digital Nomad Community (not too many digital nomads but quite some expats like kite teachers and people working on yachts)
★★★★☆ Nightlife
★★★★☆ Wifi (in your own apartment/Coworking Space)
★★☆☆☆ No-wind-activities

Quick facts for the Kitesurf Digital Nomad lifestyle in El Gouna, Egypt

  • Best Wind: June – September, but spring and autumn have around 50 percent wind chance as well
  • Suited for kite surf students/absolute beginners? Perfect spot for learning kitesurfing if you come during the windiest times (otherwise it might be frustrating to sit at the beach waiting for wind): flatwater and standing area! Just make sure to bring some shoes because of the shells.
  • Water Condition: perfect flatwater, sometimes choppier if the wind is stronger
  • Coworking Spaces: Full El Gouna Kitesurf Spotguide, Makani Beach Club has a Meeting Room right at the kite spot
  • Wifi/Mobile Internet (Sim Card): Wifi in hotels is usually very bad, some apartments have high-speed wifi though. LTE with Vodafone, super cheap and easy to get big data packages
  • How to get around: Tuk Tuks (super easy, they operate at a fixed price and are around everywhere)
  • More Infos: Full El Gouna Kitesurf Spotguide

7. Other up and coming Kitesurf Digital Nomad Hotspots

– Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

The Northern coast of Fuerteventura has a lot of charme and lifestyle: the two surfer towns Corralejo and El Cotillo are small but have that certain something. In a way this seems a bit like the more quiet and small version of Tarifa – although they are still pretty different of course.

– Cumbuco, Northern Brazil

While I haven’t been there I heard this spot is becoming increasingly popular as it is just a short drive from the airport from Fortaleza and has a nice nightlife.

– Prea, Northern Brazil

This village next to Jericoacoara is growing and expanding pretty fast. Since 2021 it even has its own airport and new hotels are being built. You can go right from bed to board while having the option to always take private transport to Jericoacoara if you are in need for some nightlife, good restaurants and shops – although I do think Prea will massively grow and evolve in the next years.

– Pounta, Paros, Greece

Pure Greek island vibes at its best! Antiparos is just a 10 min ferry ride from Pounta and has pure Greek lifestyle, nice little shops, bars and party. Pounta itself has two kite schools, accomodation right at the spot is quite tricky so you will probably need a car to get around the island. Check out the Full Paros Kitesurf Guide here.

– Theologos, Rhodes island

As it is easy and quick to reach from the airport, you have Rhodes city close by and are still right at the kite spot, this is a popular spot among Europeans. It does get very crowded and expensive in summer but as a European it is a good option for pre- and post-season. You can use your simcard as a hotspot which works pretty well. Make sure to do a trip to my favorite spot on the island, Prasonisi.

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