[COOPERATION / PR SAMPLE] I approached saftgras as I love their products and wanted to do a cooperation . This article was written by me and all opinions are 100% mine. 

While I don’t follow a specific diet I do incorporate as many green and unprocessed veggies and foods into my diet as possible. Drinking my green juices has become one of my no longer indispensable habits that keep me fueled and energized for the water and everyday high performance in my work.

Eat/Drink the rainbow and use food as fuel for kitesurfing and life

“Eat the rainbow” and “Let food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” (Hippocrates) are philosophies I live by and try to keep alive even when I travel around a lot as it’s what feels most natural to me. I am traveling with a blender and filter my green smoothies through a net to make it a juice. (Favorite ingredients which I can get in almost every country/small supermarket is celery or cucumber or salad, lemon, ginger)

Intentions vs. real life

While I try to prepare my juice in the morning – some days it gets too hectical to prepare or I’m all day at a spot where I can’t cool my juices (and they would get boiled by the time I wanted to drink them) or I travel and can’t take them into my hand luggage. I was looking for a good alternative for busy days that would still give me the same amount of energy. Even when being in the city it was hard finding raw-pressed, green vegetable juices with not a ton of fruits in them. I learnt that I really need to have it in my bag to make it as easy as possible in hectic/busy times to keep my good routine up.

How I got to know saftgras and why I approached them

This is why I approached a great company called saftgras for a cooperation (I figured, why not use this channel to get you in touch with small, passionate businesses that really do EXCEPTIONAL work in their field and that I believe in 100%).

Ideal for busy people & travelers

I first got to know them a couple of years back as they produce wheatgrass and sprouts of all kinds and bought it to freshly press myself at home or snack the sprouts – until I started traveling. A few years in now I saw they have many amazing products made from sprouts, raw-pressed juices and fruits which are ideal for people who are traveling or just super busy and don’t want to invest them time to press their own juices/clean up the mess or simply can’t do it at their workplace/during their travels.

Organic, local, raw

All products are organic and local – either from their own produce or good friends/family they know who are growing it for them.

Plant power to go – freeze-dried raw juices and vegetables for active people

Products for athletes and active people

The package they offer for active people and athletes is the Fit-Aktiv-Vital which is a great mix of all the plant power you need to perform on the water/on land and at your workplace.

Additionally (as I really miss my wheatgrass shots on my travels) I tried the freeze-dried cold-pressed Spelled Grass Ginger Granule. They found a special enterprise that freeze-dries all their juices with a special method so that it stays raw and enzyme-active.

Overview of the products I tried

Granule from cold pressed spelled grass juice with gingerSpelled Grass Juice and Ginger Granules

(like a wheatgrass shot freeze-dried in raw quality)

WHAT IS IT? Spelled Grass Juice with Ginger (Dinkelgras-Ingwer)

FOR: strengthening, activating, stimulating digestion

HOW TO USE: you take tiny spoon of granules every morning, letting it dissolve on your toung

MY OPINION: it tastes like a fruit explosion. I would even recommend the granules (they have loads of different ones on their website) for people who don’t like to drink the whole shot of wheatgrass/barley grass as they are not used to the taste yet. With the granules you take a much lower quantity and get used to the taste. I love that they add ginger because it makes it taste much better in my opinion. I take this as the first thing every morning before I eat. > Buy it here, use “wakeupstoked” at checkout for 5% off

SIDE NOTE: for those who really don’t like the taste but want the benefit they have the same granules in capsules to swallow. It is always best to take pure as your body absorbs the most of it but if you don’t like the taste this is a perfect alternative > Buy them here

Vital – Powder

WHAT IS IT? Freeze-Dried cold-pressed juice from sprout green of sunflower and pea, cucumber, celery, ginger > freeze-dried in raw vegetable quality

FOR: strength, regeneration

HOW TO USE: mix 6 teaspoons with water, shake & drink. Ideal if you can’t bring your own juice/can’t cool it or are traveling with it in your hand luggage as you can add the water anytime.

MY OPINION: I was suprised how quickly it mixed just shaking the bottle and how well it tasted (but warning, also very green, so only for the ones who already like pure green juices with no fruits). I also added some lemon occasionally as I love some extra bitterness. Stoked to have found something which makes it easy for me to have a green juice anywhere anytime! > Buy it here, use “wakeupstoked” at checkout for 5% off

Pastilles made from raw cold-pressed beetrot, spelled grass juice, lemonAktiv – Pastilles

WHAT IS IT? Pastilles (raw quality) made from beetroot and spelled grass juice, lemon, yacon puree, ginger juice, cocoa butter

FOR: endurance, energy, concentration

HOW TO USE: Melt 3-5 pastilles on the tongue, you can do this a couple of times a day

MY OPINION: They taste fruity, intense, yet not too sweet. I’ll be honest with you: I don’t really like beetroot unless it’s in my juice with other veggies but I really liked the combination in the pastilles, I guess the cocoa butter makes it more smooth and soft and the lemon which gives it some freshness. > Buy it here, use “wakeupstoked” at checkout for 5% off

Raw freeze dried cranberry and yacon powderFit – Powder

WHAT IS IT? Powder (raw food quality) made of yacon root, forest cranberries, lemon juice

FOR: well-being, balance, vital energy. Supports healthy intestinal flora (prebiotic), harmonizes the blood sugar level

HOW TO USE: Put 1 teaspoon on the tongue and let it melt (my favorite, so yummy) or mix into your smoothie/yoghurt

MY OPINION: too yummy and good-tasting so that I really REALLY had to hold myself back not to eat it all at once 😉 I can highly recommend to eat it pure as the taste is fantastic! Petter than sweets and still healthy! And the color makes it even better 😉 > Buy it here, use “wakeupstoked” at checkout for 5% off

5% discount code for saftgras

I talked to saftgras and they gave me a discount code for my readers for the first order. I was a bit curious whether the products would only taste good to me as I am used to vegetable juices and wheatgrass shots. So I gave it to try to the pickiest person ever: my mom. And she not only liked it but ordered her own batch the next day as I was leaving for my travels and she wanted to keep trying everything 😉saftgras gutschein rabatt discount code