Kitesurfing is known to be an expensive sport, which is one of the main arguments of people I met that don’t want to start kitesurfing (besides the safety aspect or other myths that are strongly anchored in their beliefs). But besides the fact that it is one of the easiest ways to get into a good mood there are lots of other things that come as a free bonus when you kitesurf. Ok, and I admit it – the title was a bit catchy, not all of them are amazing, but they surely are one of those three: funny, weird or amazing! Sounds like a promise? Let’s dive into it:

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1. Free happiness and being naturally high

Stoked. Pumped. There is a reason why you will hear those words very often on kite spots. Kitesurfing simply is the best way to instantly have that smile on your face. The aspect of being one with nature, playing in the elements and at the same time, defeating gravity and feeling like you can fly is the most unique feeling of happiness there is. If you need more reasons, check out my article on 10 reasons why kitesurfing will make you happier.

Walking towards the water at the beginning of my kite session

2. Free mindfulness training

Kitesurfing requires full focus. You can’t help but pay close attention to the elements, the waves and the wind, since you fully depend on them. Kitesurfing is the perfect way of getting a mindfulness class in nature: feeling the wind on your face, seeing the waves break, cruising around that chop, watching that turtle dive off right in front of you and if you’re very lucky, watching the sunset from the water.

3. Free meditation practice

Kitesurfing is kind of a moving meditation. Without even trying you will quite often have sessions with an empty mind – not thinking about anything, forgetting the past and the future and just being in the moment. You won’t even notice it until you come out of the water and suddenly you will be surprised how calm you feel.

4. Free full body peeling

All day, every day and especially if you’re a beginner! You will have the pleasure of a daily full body peeling, especially your feet when you walk back up the beach numerous times since you can’t make it upwind – YET 😉

Me crashing through the water whien trying a new trick

5. Free nose showers which will keep you healthy all winter

This one is true especially for beginners as well as the more advanced kitesurfers practicing new tricks. Every now and then, a free nose shower will be part of the game. Like the one above when I started learning the darkslide.

6. Free hair coloring

No hairdresser in the world can put those beautiful nuances into your hair as the sun does. There is nothing prettier than this sun-bleached, curly hair that soaked up the salty water from the ocean. Here’s to salty air and sunkissed hair!

7. Free total body workout (without you even noticing)

When starting kitesurfing you will feel so many muscles you didn’t even know existed – but you will be so busy enjoying the ride, that you won’t even notice it (until the morning after, when you try to crawl out of bed).

My brother standing at the beach with a sixpack.

8. Free creative training finding new ways to get out of bed or out of your chair

That ultimate total body workout I mentioned comes with a price. Depending on what you’re learning you will be so incredibly sore, that you might not even be able to get up when wanting to go out of bed. So you will somehow roll to the sides to make it out. You will have funny moments when walking up the stairs or down a soft sandy beach. You will, for sure, laugh about your new way of moving, a lot.

9. Free training for introverts

For me as an introvert, kitesurfing was the easiest way to get to talk to people since the topics are so obvious (How is the wind? How was your session? Which kite size have you been out on? etc) It’s one of the easiest sports to get to talk to people an get to know new people since kitesurfer kind of depend on each other, so the community aspect is much bigger than in other sports. So before and after your session is the perfect timing to train your communication skills, especially as an introvert.

Getting ready for my kite session

10.Free flexibility training and an open mindedness for new sports

No matter how carefully you choose your spots, there might always be a no-wind-day. So after a short moment of being really annoyed you will think flexible and start looking for something else you want to do. If I look at it in hindsight, no-wind-days have sometimes been the best days out of the whole holiday: you try new sports (yoga, SUP, surf, dive, wakeboard etc) with other frustrated kitesurfers, who were waiting on the beach, you start teaching someone you just met some kite lessons (since the wind is just enough for a foil) or you make full use of that happy hour, making great new friends and going skinny-dipping in the middle of the night.

What about you?

Do you know of any other free side effects that I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the comments!

Wondering where all those amazing pics in the article are from?

They are from, what was to me, the trip of a lifetime: Los Roques, Venezuela In case you wanna check it out, too, just read my spot guide on the flatwater paradise Venezuela.