While I’ve always said (and still stand behind it) that anyone can kitesurf, no matter if you’re super fit and toned or not, young or old: if you get from your office job, sitting all day, to a 3-week-vacation with hours of kitesurfing every day, you’ll kind of need to prepare your body for it.

Surf Workouts from 1 to 45 minutes – no equipment needed!

The free workouts listed beyond are categorized into the minutes they take – so no excuses, even if you have little time! You don’t even need any equipment (except a mat or yoga mat for some of them) so you can do them anywhere at home, at the beach, in the hotel, on a no wind day!

Some workouts are High Intensity Training workouts which provide strength and are also a cardio workout, others help you train your strength and balance in a more calm way.

Make the most of your sessions and avoid injuries

These exercises will help you to get ready for all the action on the water and help you minimize your risk of injuries. Some of the workouts are kitesurf- or surf-specific and some are full-body-workouts which in my opinion also help your kitesurfing.

Some more quick tips before getting started

  • Not all exercises are suited for everyone. Know your level and your fitness.
  • The most important thing is: have fun! If you don’t like working out at all, choose something different, go long boarding, wake boarding, snowboarding, hiking/climbing or just go for a walk with your dog. You probably like strength training as little as I do, but the feeling, the fun and faster progress you’ll have on the water is SOOO worth it!
  • Switch things up! Do a 45 minute yoga workout one day, and maybe only a 7 minute workout on the next! Just try out all the workouts that are in here and mix them through as you like! If you have a free video workout for kitesurfers you love, leave me a link in the comment!

1 – 10 minute workouts for kitesurfers and surfers

Workouts for action sports enthusiasts (1 minute)

Choose one of the workouts if you just have a minute or do the whole playlist if you have more time!
Equipment: None
Focus: Strength, Cardio

Hot Surfer Beach Workout (7 min)

Filmed at Venice Beach so the scenery already gets those holiday vibes going ?
Equipment: None / maybe a mat or towel
Focus: Strength

7 minute App (7 minutes)

If you’re this kind of person who just needs to be reminded by an app to train 7 minutes daily, this is your thing! The basic version of the app is free, you can choose your trainer voice (pretty funny ones hehe) and if you want special workouts you’ll pay for them. Nothing super fancy, simple moves, ideal for beginners! Get the app here.
Equipment: None (you need a wall and chair for the exercises but you can improvise as well)
Focus: Strength

Lower back workout, with Dr. Eric Goodman (11 minutes)

This workout seriously saved me from the lower back pain I used to have when kiting with bigger kites. A life saver! Nothing super exhausting but the weird/different kind of movements strengthen your back muscles in a completely new way if you do it right!
Equipment: None
Focus: Strength, Stretch

15 – 20 minute workouts for kitesurfers and surfers

15 minute kite ready workout

Nice full body workout with good music.
Equipment: None / maybe a mat or towel
Focus: Strength, Cardio

The Kitesurfer Workout by KiteSirens (4 minutes – 20 minutes)

It’s recommended to do this workout for 5 rounds (30 sec per exercise, 10 sec in-between the exercises). Each round will take you around 4 minutes (10 sec breaks included), so if you do 5 full rounds you’ll have a 20 minute workout.

Push-up rotation, Jump lunges with a twist, Kneeling extensions, half burpees, Flip-jump-squats and especially good for those with weak knees and ankles: Single leg deadlifts. In the video you’ll be shown the exercises but will have to do the workout yourself with the instructions afterwards. So it’s easiest to watch the video once, print out the exercises (or memorize them) and then repeat as often as you can before your kite holiday
Equipment: Mat (or floor)
Focus: Strength, Cardio, Balance

Full body workout for surfing (17 minutes)

The workout starts at minute 3:19, beforehand all exercises are explained. The workout includes different kinds of lunges, squats, twisted planks and – a really hard move – the Duck-dive Caterpillar!
Equipment: no equipment is needed
Focus: Strength

30 minute workouts for kitesurfers and surfers

Yoga for Surfers (30 minutes)

Equipment: Yoga Mat
Focus: Strength (Calm), Flexibility

Power Vinyasa Flow with Briohny Smith (30 minutes) (for intermediate yogis)

Simply love the way Briohny Smith is leading you through a practice!
Equipment: Yoga Mat
Focus: Strength (Calm), Stretch

Power Vinyasa Flow with Caley Alyssa (30 minutes) (for intermediate yogis)

This is a pretty strengthening yoga class so if you’re in for some toning, try it!
Equipment: Yoga Mat
Focus: Strength

45 minute workouts for kitesurfers and surfers

Cardio Boxing Workout (45 minutes)

One of my favorites to „power out“ and do some high intensity training.
Equipment: None / maybe a mat or towel
Focus: Cardio (HIT), Strength

Cardio and Sculpting Workout (45 minutes)

Cardio-focused full body workout, which will get your blood pumping and also has some sculpting exercises in-between.
Equipment: Mat or towel
Focus: Cardio (HIT), Strength, Balance

Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class (for intermediate to advanced yogis) (45 minutes)

Filmed in Costa Rica with the wind whistling through, this power yoga class is for intermediate and advanced yogis.
Equipment: Yoga Mat
Focus: Strength, Cardio, Stretch

More no-equipment-workoutsStay fit while traveling - no equipment workouts you can do anywhere

gifts for surfers: the best presents for surfers

Fun activities and outdoor activities to keep the stoke alive

All the workouts above are easy to do at home and while traveling – because let’s be honest: after a long workday the chances you’ll be starting a activity are marginal. So here are a few more ideas on how to get ready for your kite holiday when you have a bit more time. Anything that strengthens you and trains your balance will help your kitesurf skills, in particular the following:

  • board sports like longboarding, skating, landkiting, snowboarding
  • river surfing (in Munich we have 3 river waves!) or surf on an artificial wave
  • wakeboarding/wakesurfing
  • try any kind of sport that lets you move outside like mountainbiking, climbing, hiking
  • SUP or even SUP yoga (they have it on a lot of lakes in the city as well)
  • yoga classes which focus on strength and balance
  • slacklining also helps your balance immensly
  • or to try at home: balance boards

What are your favorite workouts before going on a kitesurf holiday or just in general? I always need some new inspiration so I’m grateful for input 😉 



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