Kitecamp FAQ

    Why is the kitecamp in Drepano, Greece?

    We have researched and discussed for two years what an ideal spot for a kitesurf camp would be. Drepano ticked all the boxes: it has very stable wind, perfect flatwater conditions, it is still a pretty unknown spot (internationally speaking) and attracts a lot of Kitesurf Professionals for training like Youri Zoon, Carlos Mario, Hannah Whiteley and Paula Novotna exactly for that reason (watch this video with Youri Zoon in Drepano).

    What kind of yoga lessons can I expect at the kite yoga retreat? When will the yoga lessons take part?

    The Yoga lessons at the kite camp will be different styles of yoga – from Hatha to Vinyasa to Yin Yoga. We will mix it up according to the wind conditions (and soreness 😉 ) The yoga lessons will take part in the morning as it’s the perfect way to start the day and get your body ready for the kite progression.

    Why do you combine kitesurfing and yoga at the camp?

    We found that it’s simply the best combination. Yoga helps us prevent injuries, keeps us flexible and helps us stretch those sore muscles. Beside that, it helps our mind calm down and gain more clarity which we can again use ideally on the water as well as in life.

    Which airports can I fly to?

    You will probably find the cheapest deals to Athens. A lot of low-cost carriers like Ryanair, Wizzair and Easy Jet fly to Athens next to the “normal” airlines. If you’re flying from Germany you can get super cheap deals with the low cost carriers from Memmingen (close to Munich), Frankfurt, Berlin. We love to research our flights with (you can also put the +-3 days option, sometimes you will find much cheaper options and just stay a few days longer in Drepano – we can extend your accommodation if you get in touch with us) or google flights.

    The airport Araxos close to Patra is just a 45-min drive but only is connected with a few international airports (e.g. with Tuifly from Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Stuttgart) You can check the full timetable and connections (20 flights a week) here.

    If you’re very adventurous you can also take the ferry to Patra from e.g. Venice, Italy 😉 From the port of Patra it’s a 30-min drive to Drepano.

    How do I get from Athens airport to Drepano?

    You can either go via taxi (the cost ist arround 150 Euro one way) and share it if another participant is arriving at the same or similar time) or rent your own car (it’s about a 2.5 hr drive from the airport of Athens to Drepano).  We will also arrange transport depending on the number of participants which arrive at the same time.

    A much, much slower option is public transport: you can from the airport by bus, which will take you approximately 1 hour to one bus station and then another 3 hours to Patra. From Patra it’s a 30-min taxi drive. More infos here

    How do I get from Patra to Drepano?

    You can either go via taxi (about a 30-min-ride) or rent your own car

    Closer to the camp we will see (depending on the arrival times of our participants) whether we can arrange a pickup ourselves at a cheaper cost or which participants are renting a car and can take the others and split the costs.

    What other kitesurfers can I expect in Drepano?

    Drepano is quite an unknown spot, internationally speaking – so you’ll be lucky enough to shred with some amazing local riders and pro’s as well as international Kitesurf Pros that are coming to Drepano for training and sealing their new tricks.

    I am still a kitesurf beginner / need to take kite lessons / want to start learning kitesurfing. Is the spot and the camp suited for that?

    Drepano is an amazing spot to learn kitesurfing and we will be working closely with a local kite school which will be teaching all beginner courses or anyone who still needs a few lessons to ride independently. They also offer foiling lessons so in case you finally want to give that a try, now is the time! You can find more general tips on learning kitesurfing here.

    Can I rent equipment at the spot?

    Yes you can, there are two kite schools close by and you can either rent Duotone or Slingshot equipment. Please let us know in advance if you want to rent something so we make sure they have the equipment you need.

    Do I need a rental car in Drepano?

    Yes and no. We will be providing daily shuttles to the spot and back as well as for all activities. Some people like to be independent, visit the surrounding villages on their own or stay a few days longer in Drepano. For those free spirits we recommend a rental car. Of course you can also rent yourself a car and share the costs with other camp guests who want to chime in.

    So how will I get around the spot?

    We will have a van/car to go to the kite spot and all activities organized by Wake Up Stoked (like no-wind-trips or sightseeing to the surrounding towns).  The van/car will be at our disposal throughout the whole day.

    Do I need a travel insurance?

    Yes, we require proof of travel insurance to finalize your booking.

    Why is only the breakfast included?

    Depending on your level of kite craziness you might be spending the whole day at the spot 😉 We found it’s easiest to have lunch spontaneously – at the spot (either delivered by The Spot if you don’t want to spend a minute off the water or we will have lunch at The Spot directly), make your own sandwich and have it in-between your sessions or in the restaurants in one of the surrounding villages. All apartments also have kitchens and we know that some people simply love to cook their own food.

    We are really happy though to have The Spot just a 3-minute drive away from the kite spot. There will be special VIP Menus (as they called it 🙂 For the camp participants including burgers, sandwiches, salds and acai bowls)

    Why is the accommodation not right on the kite spot?

    There is literally nothing on the spot (with the exception of a lighthouse). The kite villa is located in Psathopyrgos which is just a 7-minute drive away from the spot. It’s as close as you can get – and the kite villa has some unique vibes.

    Where is the kite villa located? Is there a village/supermarket/cafe around?

    The kite villa is located in Psathopyrgos which is just a 7-minute drive away from the spot. In the village of Psathopyrgos you can find some mini markets as well as some nice restaurants and cafes.

    What standard does the kite villa have?

    It is a basic Greek standard we would say with some Brazilian vibes thanks to coconut trees and pool. Don’t expect a 5-star hotel – although the kite villa has everything a happy kiter needs.

    Which amenities are there right on the kite spot?

    There are (cold) water showers as well as one “dixie” toilet which is being regularly cleaned. The next proper toilet and cafe/restaurant is in the village of Drepano which is like a 3-minute-drive (we have our own van which will take you there in case you need to). The Spot, the cafe which belongs to the kitesurf school, is delivering to the kitesurf spot whenever you call them or we can prearrange it.

    We will have our own tent (next to the olive trees) where we can hide from the sun but make sure to bring something to drink, a towel, snacks in case you get hangry during your session and sunscreen.

    I have special dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free etc), will this be a problem?

    A: Please let us know when booking so that we can make some necessary arrangements for breakfast.

    What kind of wetsuit do I need? Do I need neoprene shoes?

    Most kitesurfers are in a Shorty however I prefer to wear my 4/3 on colder days 😉 Depending on how long you’ll be on the water you might get cold. There are a few nasty sea urchins – however almost nobody except for the kitesurf students wears neoprene shoes. You can usually avoid them but might be unlucky and step into one so bring your neoprene shoes if you want to avoid that.

    Is there a kite school at the spot? Can I rent equipment?

    There is two local kite schools in Drepano within a 3-minute drive from the spot (and on our way from the kite villa to the spot). If you would like to rent something please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make sure we reserve the gear you need.

    Which kite sizes do I need?

    The average wind is around 20 knots (usually something in-between 15 and 25 knots usually) and incredibly stable. Most locals have a 9 or 10 only – however as always in kitesurfing, bring all your gear since you never know when the wind is lighter or stronger 😉 I have my 7,9 and 11 with me however I barely used the 7 here – again, you never know, after all it’s nature 😉

    I would like to come earlier or stay longer after the camp. Could you organize the accommodation for me at the kite villa?

    Yes sure, we’d be happy to organize it for you, please mention it when booking so we make sure we get a room for you in the kite villa on the other dates as well.

    Do I have to participate in all of the activities?

    Of course not, every activity is optional. You’re more than free to organize an alternate programme if you want to do something else one day or simply just spend a day in your hammock, chilling and sipping beer. But in general – since we want awesome people who are interested in the same things – it would be nice if you’Re interested in the activities we offer, maybe try something new and are open to expand your horizon.

    I want to bring a partner/friend who is not kitesurfing, is that ok?

    As we want to spread the stoke, we’d be more than happy to arrange a beginner course for your non kitesurfing friend/partner. If he/she doesn’t want to learn kitesurfing, that’s totally fine with us – but most of our activities are centered around kitesurfing and we’ll spend most of your day (if it’s windy) at the spot. Let us know before booking that your partner/friend won’t need the kite coaching/kite rescue as he/she’s not kitesurfing and we will send you a separate offer. Your partner/friend can of course participate in the yoga, workshops and all other non-kitesurfing-related activities.

    What else should I bring with me?

    Lots of good vibes and yourself. A poncho or if you’re getting cold quickly a windbreaker is handy on the spot. Bring good sunscreen (we recommend 50+) and a cap since we’ll be spending a lot of time under the Greek sun. If you want to have your own yoga mat for the practice you can of course bring it.

    Why do you keep the secret kite spot secret?

    Since that spot is almost only known by local Greek riders I was asked not to make it public. Maybe I will one day but for now the only ones to know will be our camp participants 😉 However since the spot is quite remote we will only go there if the wind conditions are right for some unforgettable kitesurfing. But I will reveal this much: you will feel like in Brazil and won’t believe that such a spot exists in Greece! And of course perfect flatwater and powdery sand as well.

    Why is there a sailboat on the sand bank in your video/photo?

    The sailboat stranded there in spring 2018 and has been removed in the meantime. Although it made a pretty picturesque photo/video point of interest 😉

    Who is organizing the camp and why?

    Behind this camp is me, Miriam, who founded Wake Up Stoked out of a wild passion and step into a new lifestyle with kitesurfing and being a digital nomad. Nevertheless I wouldn’t be with Wake Up Stoked, my kitesurf skills and wouldn’t have followed through without all my crazy decisions if it wasn’t the support of my brother, Manuel. He is the best videographer, motivational coach for life and kitesurfing, helping with always just the right amount of pushing to help me progress in my kitesurfing. We’ve heard it a lot but it took us two years to find the perfect setup and location to make our first camp reality. Which finally happened now and we are thrilled to offer you what we would have loved to attend ourselves a while back.

    Where do I find the terms and conditions?

    You can find the terms and conditions here.

    I have another question you haven’t answered yet, where can I contact you?

    Please send us a message here.

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